Gin Poles

Your premier manufacturer of Gin Poles built in the USA and built utilizing 100 % recycled US steel. You will not find a more reliable pole manufactured with the quality and backing which Landa Mobile Systems, LLC provides. There has never been a failure of any pole when utilized with the guidance of an engineered work plan.  Safety is our priority and we are committed to building the safest gin poles in the northern hemisphere and are now used worldwide in telecommunications, ship loading, and oil platforms.

GPA poles are heavy duty light weight aluminum field transport round gin poles

Manufactured to ANSI/TIA-322 

WARNING: “Round poles are not man Rated”


Round Gin Pole

Manufactured to ANSI/TIA-322 

WARNING: “Round poles are not man Rated”


Triangle Gin Poles 

WARNING:  Our Triangular Gin Pole the gross load. Man Rated “when lifting personnel shall not exceed 50% of the charted safe lifted loads. No other construction loads shall be lifted with personnel”. We are not participating in AISC.


Square Gin Poles 

WARNING:  Our Triangular Gin Poles gross load. Man Rated..  “when lifting personnel shall not exceed 50% of the charted safe lifted loads. No other construction loads shall be lifted with personnel”. We are not participating in AISC.

LMS-PS18-GIN-POLE  LMS-PS20-Gin-Pole   LMS PS20 Re-Pack-GIN-POLE LMS PS20 HD-Re-Pack-GIN-POLE  LMS-PS24-Gin Pole

LMS-PS27-GIN-POLE   LMS-PS30-Gin-Pole  LMS-PS34-Gin-Pole 

Gin Pole Classifications 

 Class Gross Loading Load Line SizeImpact Factor Req’d steel wire rope
A0 < 1,000 Lbsd<= 5/16″1.45
B1,000 < 3,000 Lbs5/16″ < d <= 7/16″1.35
C3,000 < 10,000 Lbs7/16″ < d <= 9/16″1.25
D10,000 + Lbsd > 9/16″1.20

All gin poles using a load line other than steel shall be classified as class A Gin Poles for all load line diameters.

  • AWS Certified
  • U.S. AWS certified welder assembled U.S. certified gin pole ASW welder assembled
  • Certified AWS independent plant U.S. contractor inspected AWS D1.1:2015 Structural welding code-steel compliance, no AISC association.
  • Load charts are pole specific with matching serial numbers
  • 5.0 Analysis and design of gin poles
  • 6.0 Gin pole construction
  • Roller / Chicago end option
  • Metalized surface
  • Round poles are not man-rated 

The zinc coating can be sealed with a thin coating of low viscosity polyurethane, epoxy-phenolic, epoxy, or vinyl resin. The details of the application sequence and procedures can be found in ANSI/AWS C2.18-93.

Basic Gin Pole Information Required to Re-Certify Poles 

  1. Mill Report on steel, citing TIA -322, Pg 55:56 buyer must maintain a mill report for the life of the gin pole in accordance with ASTM A6 OR A568.
  2. Charpy report on steel to -40 citing TIA 322, Pg 55:56 state that the buyer must maintain a Charpy report for the life of the gin pole in accordance with ASTM A370
  3. Welding inspection reports citing TIA 322, Pg 55:56
  4. Pole original engineering matching that poles serial number, citing TIA 322, Pg 55:56
  5. Each individual section must have a consecutive serial number stamp on it, citing TIA 322, Pg 55:56
  6. All poles must have serialized documented product number with associated paperwork, citing TIA 322, Pg 55:56
  7. Complete records of pole inspections.
  8. Record of magnetic particle inspections shall be performed on 10% of the welded connections every 10 years. 

Annual inspections reports shall be maintained for a minimum of two years.

We maintain records of all poles and have a history as well and original manufacturing documentation in case of loss.


OSHA Required Forms Supplied with all LMS Gin Poles 

  1. Annual Pole Certification signed and numbered
  2. Annual Pole Inspection Report signed and numbered
  3. VT Visual Welding Inspection Report, done at the time of manufacture
  4. Mill Report on steel specification ASTM A500, Grade B/C
  5. Charpy report on steel temperature test to –40 degrees
  6. PE Stamped Pole specific Load Chart
  7. Structural steel 100% recycled USA in compliance with AISC or ANSI/TIA-222-G
  8. Each gin pole assembly and associated rooster head is permanently marked matching its load chart
  9. Sheaves included in being permanently marked with the serial number assigned to pole

Gin Pole Operations:  On the documentation side of things, the operator will need adequate details depicting the planned operational configuration(s) for the complete gin pole system to be used including:

  • Gin pole mast
  • Top lifting block
  • Load and tag line sizes/configuration (including use of heel block, max load position angle, max tag angle, tag arrangement, etc.)
  • Basket and bridle attachment to gin pole and supporting structure including associated hardware and sling sizes/config
  • All relevant details pertaining to jumping/lowering the pole into position
  • All relevant details pertaining to tilting the pole for operation (use of luffing block, etc.)
  • Any other relevant details based upon user’s planned operational configurations for assembly, setting, jumping, arranging, lifting, and/or removal of the system
  • As pole manufacture Landa we only address the gin pole mast and allowable load and tag capacities/angles based solely upon the mast’s rated strength.  Affirming the pole was designed, built and load charts are in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-322 standard.  It’s operator responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with all regulations related thereto. 
  • Complete records of pole inspections and record of Magnetic particle inspection shall be performed on 10% of the welded connections every 10 years.
  • Annual inspections reports shall be maintained for a minimum of two years.
  • All gin pole operations must be in compliance with the latest revision of ANSI/TIA-322 and the OSHA CPL 2-1.36
    Maintain your required documents along with work plan, engineer sign off for each specific job.
  • ANSI/TIA-322 standard includes an impact factor of 1.7 for all gin poles using synthetic load-lines. 
  • Gin Pole storage racks for gin poles are recommended for safe transport, storage and return shipping for inspection service. These units protect and reduce the potential of damage from excess handling with forks etc.

Know the Regulations, and order the new ANSI/TIA-322 and OSHA CPL 2-1.36. Rigging plans for all gin pole used must be prepared in accordance with the ANSI/ASSE A10.48.  Our standard load charts are relevant where wind speed does not exceed 30 mph gust at any given elevation during the proposed lift. 

Load carts are not interchangeable” and do not match older models. Load Charts supplied are pole specific with serial numbers matching pole and expire with annual inspection re-certification.  

New load charts are available from the factory upon submission of your re-certification completion

Modifying, welding or changing the gin pole OEM structure invalidates all warranty and company liability. Gin Pole charts will not be issued for poles structural changes not performed buy OEM without Landa performing an inspection and a mag particle inspection.

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Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from the USA recycled steel.