Another LMS 200 XHD heading out. This model is a 200′ mobile tower fitted with 50hz, 230 volts, with Generator, trailer built-in belly 200-gallon fuel tank, cabinets, and multiple reels plumbed underdeck. Unit departure is prepped for flight in Canadian C-17 for deployment in very short order. Unit capability to bring needed communications in critical areas. We appreciate all the government business and will continue to serve in all critical areas where and when needed. We are the only company in the world building these units.

Landa Mobile Systems towers positioning in a tight spot for deployment. We always have you covered with towers ready to deploy in stock. Highest wind loading and lift capability built in the USA. Units deployed worldwide, with numbers growing overseas and in Alaska. Our units fit into containers for overseas shipments, helicopter mil-spec lift, or C-17 transport.

Landa has been deploying with an international carrier in SA for several years with great success and expanding into multiple South American countries as the demand for communications increases in remote areas.

Proud to be selling our products to INTEGRATED BATTLESPACE SIMULATION AND TEST DEPARTMENT on a continued supplier relationship entrusting Landa Mobile Products for their superior quality and parts support when needed.

Towers heading out to the east coast in time of need.

We are sending towers to Chile and Peru on a steady build this year, with one of the largest carriers in the World utilizing only Landa Towers.

You can also find Landa Mobile Systems towers HERE. You can also find other LMS news HERE.

Landa introduces the new LMS PS12 Gin Pole, which serves clients well with reaching through tower torque arms with ease and the ability to handle the heavy load requirements of the 5G antenna array change out.

Landa Mobile towers are useful on launch sites around the world. For all types of mobile deployments utilizing an inexpensive platform while providing substantial savings while providing safety, and longevity. 

Landa has started delivering LMS mobile towers to the Peruvian remote areas in the mountains to be deployed by helicopters.

Landa introduces the new XHW models with a loading capacity exceeding all others built in the industry. With the development of the new LMS 200 XHW for government projects, we combined the new XHW design improvements we developed in a coordinated effort with Canadian and USA engineering companies for acceptance into Ontario and throughout the Canadian providences. No other manufactured mobile towers can withstand the weight, wind, and ice loading afforded this tower.

Landa continues to send mobile towers to South America in support of this continent’s cellular and WiFi data build-out. We are also sending towers to monitor the mining.

Northrup Grumman takes delivery of multiple towers last month, and we appreciate their repeat business.

New  LMS PS12A, a Lightweight 12″ face, Aluminum gin pole, enters the production line at Landa this month. This new design can fit up through most torque arms for antenna change out and other head work or extending the tower height.

New LMS PS and PT aluminum series gin poles are completing the engineering phase and entering the market for a lighter-weight pole with some heavy-lift ability. 

Be sure and stay current with your inspections, Sheave pin replacement directive, and Mag particle inspections required for all gin poles in the industry.