This is nice to see our gin poles being used around the world.

Have to say how proud we all are at Safety LMS to be chosen to provide Tower erection gin pole training for one of our offshore Petrochemical clients. Great class Coop! Climb Safely My Friends!

Landa Mobile Systems first in a series or skid mounted portable towers to be deployed in Vietnam.

Our distributor is out testing, measuring and prepping for their presentation. Awaiting shipment of special designed IP-65 stainless steel fully enclosed motors operating 240 volts at 50hz. Units extended height is max 25m and the height after shorten is 6m, lifting capacity is 250 kg.. These units we can put two in a 40 foot container and a substantial ship cost savings.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC is proud to have our LMS 85 HWLB deployed at Times Square NYC for this new years celebration.

T-Mobile has the wireless data and telecommunication handled for the big event with this deployment right in the heart of the city. About a million people packed themselves into Times Square and an additional billion people are expected to watch the festivities around the globe. To kick off the musical performances of the night as T-Mobile setup a mobile unit to handle all the extra band with their successful planning for anticipated crowd.