When it comes to large load there is no competition out there that can compare to our weight lifting towers.

A common sight at airports around the world as the demand increases for better coverage. When it comes to durability and survivability during our unpredictable weather Landa Mobile Towers come in hands down without fail.

Introducing the LMS PT 12 HD Gin-Pole with the quality you would expect to receive with a Landa Product.

Landa Mobile towers are the safest in the industry with many safeguards built in and exceeding industry standards.

Introducing our new LMS PT 12 SA Gin Pole

A pole that makes antenna and mounts change-outs a breeze, with a thrust bearing you can turn with two fingers. This pole has amazing strength with a 4″ reach arm for swinging mounts into place or an optional head without swing arm when utilized used a different load chart and has tremendous lift capacity. All poles have the option of adding a jump track feature. There are also optional size sheaves available for various uses. Photos show optional head without swing arm.

Our LMS 150 XHD is deployed in almost every continent in the world now with great success. We are proud of our companies accomplishments and especially with the agencies that have put their faith into our products. Here is another one leaving our plant and we are becoming backlogged a couple of weeks with all our orders even during these COVID 19 times.

Landa tower reliability and heavy load ability complement any carrier needing dependable mobile or semi-permanent tower installations to meet customer demands or the permit time frames of some installs. 

Landa starts shipments of command centers and our LMS 150 XHD towers for deployments in the far north.

Landa has canceled the strategic sponsor and speaker at this year’s “Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Africa 2020 due to Coronavirus

Landa is proud to be the strategic sponsor and speaker

At this year’s “Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Africa 2020” held on 21-22 July 2020 at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.  Michael Landa, owner of the company will be speaking on several topics from quick deployment surveillance mobile tower systems, networking, launchpad deployments, and critical drone intrusion defense strategies. Protecting sea trade routes, enhancing security cooperation, and establishing operational excellence in the war against criminal networks.

Landa receives multiple tower orders from University Corporation for Atmospheric Research as the effects of climate change on U.S. agriculture.  On the basis of research needs to be categorized within a vulnerability framework addressing specific actions that would improve understanding of the exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity to: (i) improve projections of future climate conditions, including extreme temperatures, precipitation, and related variables; (ii) evaluate and develop a process-level understanding of the sensitivity of plant and animal production systems; and (iii) develop and extend the knowledge, management strategies and tools needed by U.S. agriculture.

After a year of testing Landa mobile towers and the competition, Landa was awarded the contract to assist in this daunting worldwide study we are needing to analyze and deal with. Our towers in containers will be shipped around the world for various studies as we begin to be another part of the bigger picture.

Landa introduces its new 5G Gin-Pole the LMS PT12 SA. The SA stands for swing arm that can transition a load change out with ease, safely and with the assurance, the Landa quality will be the best tool for the job.

As our new LMS PT12 SA Gin-pole makes its first show to the public we are looking forward to more opportunities to satisfy the 5G rollout providing the safest and expedient tool to facilitate this transition. Thanks to all our supporters and Ericsson and T-Mobiles’ motivation to tackle this market. This finished head is heading to galvanizing for its complete metalized finish.
The zinc coating can be sealed with a thin coating of low viscosity polyurethane, epoxy-phenolic, epoxy, or vinyl resin. The details of the application sequence and procedures can be found in ANSI/AWS C2.18-93. 

Climber Training Towers

Trusted and proven climber training towers for serious climber and rescue training. Deployed in many schools and universities, IBEW, Iron Workers, Iron Workers Union, Xerex Inc, IBEW Local 1,  University of Tennessee, American Venture Construction and  Parsons to name a few. Solid rod backfilled welds designed never to break under training loads. Built tough and designed to take the daily impact of climber safety training school climbing with the daily stress placed on the training towers designed for daily loading and climbing. Landa requires all Climber Training Towers to be equipped with safety climb pursuant to OSHA requirements.

Missile Defense Systems awards Landa a multiple order contract for deliveries to begin next month. 

We are again called upon to supply, setup, train and deploy multiple LMS 150 XHD 2020 model mobile towers and the multiple Mobile Command Centers for deployments. There is not much to broadcast with this order but were are again honored and retain the confidentiality of the deployment.

LMS 250 XHD, 250′ mobile lattice tower, and our new LMS 120 XXHD, 120′

Again at the forefront, Landa builds the first of its kind,  towers we are in the process of completing our R&D development of our new LMS 250 XHD “250′” mobile lattice tower and our new LMS 120 XXHD, “120” with the ability to lift and support a 2500 lb antenna load. 

Landa delivers to one of the USA’s largest retailers

For testing, they have selected Landa to produce and supply as a vendor multiple mobile tower trailer units for some exciting developments pending in the communications industry and totally confidential. 

Landa towers configured for T-Mobile are being deployed around the USA in numbers.  

Our mobile towers are used throughout the world and we are proud to be the mobile tower supplier for T-Mobile these past three years and look forward to many more. We hope to become the leader in the mobile tower industry providing towers with the most benefits to the clients.

Landa towers configured for T-Mobile emergency and high traffic 

Landa introduces a light-weight certified Rooster Head Gin Pole which was requested by Ericsson for use on head work.

The industry has not had a legally certified gin pole available in the market to fill the light load work which is just as deadly as the large lifts. We at Landa too the task at hand and developed this model for those 250lb light lifts.  We are proud to be the innovators in the industry presenting such quality items in a vast and growing market. LMS 2 Inch Pipe Rooster Head Model: LMS GP PRH Gin Pole allows operators to operate legally with the confidence of using an approved, engineered and certified pole.  Charts and certifications are retained for the lifetime of the pole.

  • Hoists DAS/LTE antennas up the tower into position for a quick and safe installation
  • Slides into standard 2″ pipe mount
  • Max 250 lbs lift load capacity
  • 4″ sheave with sealed bearings
  • Use with 1/2″ synthetic diameter rope or 3/8″ diameter wire rope
  • Solid steel construction, hot-dipped galvanized finish
  • Serial numbered and registered TIA 322 compliance
  • Made in the USA by an SDVOSB company building the world’s best and safest gin poles.
  • Gin Poles are registered and certified with charts available for registered owners only.

Quality goes in before the name goes on at Landa

Landa Mobile Systems meets or exceeds process and testing in  Low Temperature in accordance with Mil-Std-810 Procedure II:  Operational cold start and/or Storage, High Temperature in accordance will Mil-Std-810 procedure I with solar loading., Salt Fog or Humidity in accordance with Mil-Std-810 Method 507.4. Blowing Rain in accordance with Mil-Std-810 method 506.4, Blowing Sand and dust – In accordance with Mil-Std-810 method 510.4 procedure II., Transport shock,  Transport vibration, Military Trans-portability Testing,  Meets DOT specs., Shock and vibe test for ruggedness Mil-810., Height & Weight distribution testing, Braking & Handling, Grading/Slope @ 10-30%,  Steering & Handling, Turning diameter,  Static roll-over, Stability & Handling,  Towing compatibility.

Landa delivers to NASA LMS 150 CR towers

We are proud to be a part of the NASA supply chain supplying our LMS 150 CR units. These container shippable units are amazing and we are the only builder of these units in the Americas and relied on for some very critical deployments around the world. Many classified deployed unit locations and uses we are not in the loop on for security reasons. When it comes to innovation and creation we stand apart from any manufacture in the world.