LMS Mobile Tower Rental Program, which goes up to 178 feet and is mounted on trailers, skids, or auto-leveling platforms. Engineered for high wind and heavy loading. Safety built-in with no exposed pulleys or cabling winds, safety climbs, and lockouts for additional safety on all lattice tower designs. LMS mobile tower rental program platform safety includes LineX sprayed decks, locking outriggers, and jacks. Grounding lugs and ground rods built-in. Never a failure of a tower engineer plan or trailer deployed worldwide. You can also find Landa Mobile Systems towers HERE You can also find other LMS news HERE

Landa Mobile Systems offers a mobile tower rental program with partners providing  (monthly/annual/or on reserve) leases portable towers 20’/ 6 meters through 250′ / 76.2 Meters worldwide. Our contractors only rent Landa Mobile Products and we have never had a failure in the history of our company with an engineered deployed tower. Crews are available for immediate delivery and setup nationwide and in Canada.

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Any issues with your rental call Landa at  360-474-8991.  We are very concerned about your happiness and success in the rental program.  Integrity is paramount with us at Landa as well as our rental partners.





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Our patent-pending Starr Mount/torque arm coupled with our new patented 120′ -150’/47 Meter allows multiple 6′ / 2 Meter microwave dishes to be placed at the top securing less than a 5% deflection at high winds. Minimal tower vibration and movement for secure pan and tilt operations in extremely high wind situations.

LMS NEVER FAIL KEY SYSTEM INCLUDED Patent Pending LMS key system. Both Tilt and Erection Systems are designed with redundant systems utilizing LMS fail-safe key and hand cordless drill or impact in case of no power etc.   Towers are 100% operationally EMP redundant backed up as a true emergency field unit. Landa Mobile Systems have never had a tower failure, and engineering required for each safe deployment. Call us today about the mobile tower rental program.


Our towers are quality pieces of equipment and each install is different with its loading, wind, ground, guyed or UN-guyed not an issue.  Engineering needs to sign off on it. We have independent engineers licensed for all of USA,  Canada, and most countries.  We use a private independent firm outside our engineering staff for uninfluenced reliability.