LMS Telescopic Towers, which goes up to 72 feet and is mounted on trailers, skids, or auto-leveling platforms. Engineered for high wind and heavy loading. Safety built-in with no exposed pulleys or cabling winds, safety climbs, and lockouts for additional safety on all lattice tower designs. LMS Telescopic Towers Platform safety includes LineX sprayed decks, locking outriggers, and jacks. Grounding lugs and ground rods built-in.  Never a failure of a tower engineer plan or trailer deployed worldwide. You can also find Landa Mobile Systems towers HERE You can also find other LMS news HERE

  • 20’/ 6.1M – 250’/ 76.2M Telescopic tower
  • Custom adjustable antenna mounts manufactured for unlimited placement
  • Meets and exceeds standard Tia/Eia-222-F & G
  • The highest wind rated mobile towers
  • Loads up to 2,500Lb Payload

LMS Options

Deployed units

The main body of the tower has been analyzed utilizing the commercially available software tnx Tower version (previously known as RISA Tower & ERI Tower) constructed with ASTM A500, Grade B/C Carbon steel schedule 40, (exceeding minimum 55.3 KSI ASTM) standards yield strength in constructing the complete tower assembly. Solid rod cross bracing with hand backfilled welds are incorporated on the complete tower. “Not machine applied spot welds like the other manufacturers have been doing for years with failure”. 

Paint Options / Choice of Color

  • Polyurethane
  • Complete trailer primed with inorganic zinc conforming to MDDOD-P-23236A, Coated with an epoxy polyamide coat conforming to MS MILL-P2441 formula 150 and urethane topcoat conforming L-P MS MILL-C-85285. All tower assembly hardware is galvanized or eco HCF green coated for stand-alone corrosion resistance.