Landa Mobile Towers

Proven and trusted by hundreds of end-users around the world and our carriers  AT&TWirelessLogo sprint2  t-mobile-logo-645  Verizon_logo

Largest U.S. Military mobile tower manufacturer 

  • Mobile tower heights to 250′ also
  • Both tilting and raising systems are designed with redundant never fail key systems operated with a cordless. also
  • Towers are 100% EMP-proof when it’s critical. also
  • No guy wires required to a maximum wind-load engineered design available. also
  • Guy options to outriggers, and external guy option loading engineering available. All deployments require load engineered design deployments. Our units provide the most stable secure platform available. also
  • LMS never-fail key system included also

LMS units are proven long term and reliable

  • Deployed along borders worldwide also
  • Special events: Professional sports, concerts, festivals, fairs, rallies, etc
  • Full cell site data solution for any area in the world available also
  • Short term needs; Remote locations, new construction, oil, gas, sports, etc also
  • Disaster communications recovery; we are there also 
  • Launchpads unguided deployments also
  • The mobile tower on a wheeled platform, skid mount with auto-level systems
  • All sizes CR (container ready) models; container shippable also
  • Standard configurations are proven reliable units also
  • Customized solutions for almost any build also
  • Configured with any carrier’s technology also
  • LMS 250′  Model is the largest portable lattice-type telescopic tower available in the world also
  • Towers are hot-dipped galvanized finish EN ISO 1461 / ASTM A 123/ CS AG 164 standards for all-weather also
  • Sizes Available 26′ for 250′ also
  • Includes complete guy wire kit also
  • Patented tower design and trailer designs also
  • Built to current EIA / TIA-222-G standards also
  • Engineered and certified also
  • Independent AWS certified welder inspected also
  • ISO 16022 UID Data-matrix tagging system indicating model, make, serial, number, and year of mfg. on all government tower units.
  • The main body of the tower has been analyzed utilizing the commercially available software TNX Tower version (previously known as RISA Tower & ERI Tower). Units meet International Building Code 2012 Section 1609.1.1 & 3108.4, and the recommendations of the Telecommunications Industry Association “Structural Standard for Steel Antenna Supporting Structures” ANSI/TIA-222-G-2. also

Acronyms used in industry for units we build 

CART (Mobile Aluminum Outdoor Equipment Enclosure) also
COLT (Cell on Light Truck) also
COP (Cell on Platform) also
COW (Cell on Wheels) also
CROW (Mini-COW/Cell Repeater on Wheels) also
ECAT (Mini-COW/Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer)
GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
MPTU (Multi-Purpose Trailer Unit)
PT (Power Tower, 106, 120, 150 mounted on truck bed)
TOW (Tower on Wheels)

US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security approved exportable goods.

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel. 

Certified SDVOSB | Minority owned company | HUB Zone Certified

Facility AWS D1.1 Certified, and 100% US Certified Welders welding to AWS, Certified 100% (AWS) D1.1 independent contractor inspected before leaving our facility. Towers are 100% hot dipped galvanized finished to EN ISO 1461/ASTM A123/CSA G164 and ANSI/EIA-TIA-222 G, per section 107 and CSA S37 standards. Steel is ASTM A500, grade B/C.  All products manufactured are Engineered and warranted. We have become the finest manufacturer of Gin Poles, Portable Towers, Climber Training Towers, Oil and Gas Flare Towers and Portable Shelters in the Americas, thanks to team efforts and most important our customers support. “Service-disabled veteran-owned company built in America by Americans.” Minority owner and plant located in the HUB zone.  Support our efforts as we support your freedom.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC supports and is in compliance with affirmative action obligations on behalf of minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Landa Mobile Systems, LLC complies fully with Executive Order 11246 and the applicable regulations of 41 CFR Part 60-1,-2; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-741; as well as the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-300.