Lattice Tower

85′ mobile tower designed for the Heaviest loads withstanding 1 1/2″ ice and high wind.  Can be outfitted as a long bed, built-in double-lined belly fuel tank up to 200 gallons,  container shippable, large microwave dish platform, and or about anything you can think of.

600 Pa + 0 mm with 5 square foot antenna
300 Pa + 30 mm with 5 square foot antenna

85′ maximum extended height, your choice of deck length
5 ea sections legs  ASTM A500-07, A53-12, GRADE B, US CARBON STEEL Lifetime Warranty
Tilt base assembly, integrated into the trailer, Lifetime Warranty
3 Sector antenna mount, custom available.
5’ Starr mount torque arm microwave mount for multiple large dish placement,  Lifetime Warranty.
Tower and tilt assembly painted finish for all-weather
900:1 AND 446:1 adjustable worm drive allowing to be safely deployed at any height up to 106′
Towers climbable and man-rated when safety climb and LMS lock-outs are used.with appropriate climbing gear
The backup key for operating the tower allowing the tower to be raised or lowered with load manually or with a cordless drill, clients option.
Tilted from horizontal to vertical with hydraulic system with mechanical backup
1 minute from horizontal to vertical with 2000LB / 900KG  headload
30-minute dual-stage full tower erection with load
3 ea heavy-duty upper and lower limit switches
ingress protection IP65 weatherproof (locking) control center panel
25′ full operation optional remote control cable
IP65 stainless steel hydraulic 110VAC 60HZ 
2 ea switches for total deployment control
2 ea illuminated function lamps for tilting and telescoping in the desert and harsh saltwater environments
4″, 5″ & 6″ galvanized steel smart custom sealed bearings fitted pulleys marinated in LPS3
All ECO-Guard coated grade 9 bolts, designed for use in high-stress and high strength applications. Coatings that meet 1000 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance for maximum tensile strength of typically 180,000PSI
The main drive motor is a wash-down direct drive worm gear stainless IP65 extreme environment system.
All units are designed to withstand the most severe -120 / 160 degrees Fahrenheit conditions
Designed to be operated in maximum 100% humidity
Galvanized steel safety guards in place per OSHA safety guard standards on all rotatable’s Lifetime Warranty
All LMS units have redundant manual deployment systems both in tilt and erection. True emergency units in the field.


4 ea 12′ Outriggers w/cam locks, needle bearings, safety chains, Lifetime Warranty
Diamond plate 11 gauge deck with waterfall sides adding 400% strength to the trailer, Lifetime Warranty.
Electrical components bonded to frame for system grounding to four corner grounding points
All steel construction 10″ wide beam construction
1/4” LineX sprayed on full decks and in front of the trailer or anti-slip
Anti-theft removable tongue with 11 holes adjustable coupler channel Lifetime Warranty. 
2 5/16″ Ball hitch or pintle, 7 blade type connector, 2 ea Heavy duty safety chains
The parking brake with (hydraulic brake actuator)
12,000 LB side pull spring-loaded tongue jack•
2 ea two-hole 1/0 Ground lugs
4 ea tube grounding rod attach point holders welded to outriggers
1 ea Grounding rod storage tube built-in trailer deck with a green cap
4 ea adjustable 12,000lb adjustable locking jacks with padlocks provided for anti-tamper.
4 ea galvanized 2′ X 2′ ea galvanized outrigger jack pads
4 ea slide-out outriggers with needle bearing for easy pull-out
4 ea trailer level indicators on two planes, ground visible
2 ea 8,000lb spring axles each with electric brakes
Full-size matching spare under deck
Outrigger stabilizer system
All-weather padlocks and hide-A-key
5 ea 16 Ply 215-75-17.5 Radial Tires, with 17.50 powder-coated solid steel wheels Lifetime Warranty.
4 sets wheels loose nut indicators
2 ea mud flaps
1 ea trailer step-up handrail
DOT & Transport Canada LED lighting package with reflective tape
36” locking aluminum powder coated black diamond plate toolbox secured to the deck
Flashing emergency lights
Maximum  angle of terrain in degrees for safe trailer deployment up to  degrees side to side, 3.5 degrees front to back without additional blocking
Guy radius and additional anchor design dependant on loading and winds to be determined by engineering.
9 position guy kit, unguided footprint same as outrigger footprint
Equipped with lifting hooks in all four corners for helicopter lift MIL-STD 209K1.
Comprehensive operations manual to include maintenance procedures
Best warranty in the industry and lifetime warranty items not seen in the industry.
24 hr technical support

High wind all-terrain off-road applications
Can be pulled with standard 3/4 civilian or military truck Built for rough inaccessible terrain applications
Engineered to meet the demands of all military static, communications, and environmental
Aircraft, helicopter and container model transportable 
U.S. Department of commerce bureau of industry and security approved exportable goods
Exceeds environmental low temperature in accordance with MIL-STD 810 procedure II: operational cold start and /or storage
The high temperature in accordance with MIL-STD-810 procedure 1 with solar loading
Transport shock, transport vibration tested, military transportability.
Weight and weight distribution tested
Breaking and handling, weight and weight distribution testing, Brake handling, Grading/slope@ 10-30%
Steering and handling,. Turning Diameter, Static roll-over, Stability and handling, Towing capability, Horizontal to full height erection 30 minutes. Max azimuth (twist) play less than .75 degrees.