Lattice Tower

  • 200’ tall with 7ea section legs ASTM A500-07, A53-12, grade B, U.S. carbon steel. Lifetime Warranty also
  • Tilt base assembly integrated into the trailer. Lifetime Warranty also
  • 3 sector antenna mount, custom mount designs also available 
  • 5’ Starr mount for large microwave dish placement with a torque arm, optional Lifetime Warranty. also
  • 16 ea ½” x 4” stiffener plates Lifetime Warranty. also
  • Tower and tilt assembly painted finish for all-weather also
  • 900:1 and 446:1 adjustable worm drive motor also
  • Hydraulic tilt has a manual backup hand pump
  • Tower elevated by wash downrated, IP 65 direct drive stainless shaft winch motor and hydraulic gearbox assembly. alsoso
  • 110VAC 60HZ or optional 240VAC 50HZ
  • 8 ea. cable guide rings Lifetime Warranty
  • Patented derlin mast guide blocks
  • Galvanized heavy-duty lifting and pull-down drums
  • All cables have been marinated in LPS3 for anti-corrosion
  • 4″, 5″, and 6″ galvanized steel smart custom bearings fitted pulleys also marinated in LPS3
  • All Eco-Guard (TM) eco coated grade 9 bolts 
  • All units are designed to withstand-120/ 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Tower Safety Features

  • Backup emergency key operation also
  • 3 ea. heavy duty upper and lower limit switches. also
  • Weatherproof (locking) control panel with ingress protection IP65
  • 2 ea. switches for total deployment control 
  • 2 ea. illuminated function lamps for tilting and telescopic. 
  • 1 ea. red keyed power disconnect for all function controls
  • Theft proof cable storage reel with grease nipple. Lifetime Warranty
  • Galvanized safety end caps covering rotatable components 
  • 25′ full operation remote control cable option
  • Outrigger stabilizer kit

Tower Trailer

  • Structural outriggers. Lifetime Warranty
  • Diamond plate, 11 gauge deck
  • Electrical components bonded tor frame for system grounding also
  • All steel construction 10″ wide beam construction, no aluminum also
  • 11 hold adjustable hitch coupler channel.  Lifetime Warranty also
  • Removable 2 5/16″ ball hitch and pintle included. also
  • 7 blade type connectors also
  • 12,000LB side pull spring-loaded tongue jack   also also
  • Two-hole 1/0 ground lugs (2 Ea) also
  • Heavy-duty safety chains (2 Ea)  also
  • Tube ground rod attach points welded to outriggers (4 Ea) also
  • Ground rod storage tube built-in trailer deck, green cap (1Ea)
  • Adjustable 12,000LB locking jacks w/ padlock provided (6 Ea)
  • Galvanized 2′ x 2′ outrigger jack pads (6 Ea)
  • Slide outriggers with needle bearing for easy pull-out. (6 Ea) also
  • Tamper-proof locking outrigger jacks. (6 Ea) also
  • Bubble type trailer level guides (6 Ea)
  • 7,000Lb axles each electric brake (3 Ea) also
  • Torsion axle independent suspension also
  • 7 ea 16 ply 215-75-17.5 radial tires also
  • 7 ea 17.50 powder-coated solid steel wheels.  Lifetime Warranty
  • Mudflaps 
  • 12 position guy kit
  • Unguided footprint same as outrigger footprint

Trailer Safety Features

  • 1/4” Line-X sprayed on full deck and front of the trailer for anti-slip.
  • Anti-theft removable tongue. Lifetime Warranty
  • Emergency trailer break-away device
  • Full-size spare under deck
  • All-weather padlocks and hide-a-key
  • 6 sets wheel loose nut indicators 
  • 1 ea trailer step-up, with 1 ea step handrail 
  • Flashing emergency lights 
  • DOT and transport Canada LED lighting package and reflective tape. also
  • 36” steel locking aluminum powder coated black diamond plate toolbox secured
  • Decks water-fall sides add 400% to strength Vs. flat steel welded to rail. Lifetime Warranty

Additional Features 

  • Equipped with lifting hooks in all four corners for helicopter lift also
  • Removable tongue for transport and anti-theft. also
  • Comprehensive operations manual 
  • Best warranty in the industry and  Lifetime Warranty also
  • 24-hour support  also
  • High wind all-terrain off-road applications
  • Can be pulled with a standard 3/4 ton truck 
  • Build for rough inaccessible terrain applications 
  • Engineered and designed to meet the rigor demand of all military environmental
  • Lock-out kit for climber safety
  • Safety climb, for climber safety also
  • Lighting protection 
  • FAA Lighting 
  • Extra reels 
  • Slide-out 
  • Safety rails 
  • Pan adapter 
  • Starr mount 
  • Grounding kit
  • Tower covers also 
  • Generators also 
  • Fuel tanks, on the deck or in the deck, double-walled also
  • Fuel pumps also
  • The lightning protection kit also
  • The hydraulic tilt backup hand pump also

LMS 202 XHD Weights and Dimensions 

  • TBD Lbs shipping weight
  • TBD Lbs Useful load 
  • 21,000 GVWR
  • 46′ Long 
  • 10’ 4″ Tall 
  • 8′ 6″ Wide 
  • 37′.5″ X 18′ Deployed footprint / outriggers extended 


Lifetime Warranty as described on website Https://landamobilesystems.com/company/lms-warranty

Not including standard wear items i.e. electrical, brakes, tires, bearings, jacks, rubber, and plastics).

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel. 

Certified SDVOSB | Minority owned company | HUB Zone Certified