LMS 65′ – 250′ ST

Stationary or Hinged Base Telescopic Tower 

  • Section legs ASTM A500-07, A53-12, Grade B, U.S. Carbon Steel Lifetime Warranty 
  • Optional HSS ASTM DOM Section Legs Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom antenna mounts, your choice at build
  • Tower hot-dipped galvanized finish EN ISO 1461 / ASTM A123 / CSA G164 for all-weather also
  • 25′ full operation remote control cable option
  • Patented derlin mast guide blocks also 
  • All tower sections are operated only with certified 3/8″ diameter 7/19 galvanized aircraft quality cable also
  • All cables have been marinated in LPS3 for long life anti-corrosion for harsh saltwater environments. Certified break strength of 14,000 Lb.
  • 4″, 5″, 6″ galvanized steel smart custom bearings fitted pulleys marinated in LPS3 All Eco-guard (TM) Eco coated grade 9 bolts. A coating that meets 1000 hrs of salt spray corrosion resistance for maximum tensile strength of 180,000 PSI. also
  • The main drive lift motor is a wash down direct drive worm gear extreme environment with moisture drain. Optional stainless IP65 rated motor upgrade. also
  • An excellent choice for confidential sites as well as embassy deployments.
  • 3 sector pivoting antenna mount/custom mount designs available
  • Cable guide rings each section also 
  • Certified -80 – 140 Fahrenheit conditions al
  • 9 position guy kit.
  • 110VAC 60 HZ / optional 240VAC 50 Hz
  • Patented derlin mast guide blocks also
  • Patent-pending clad kit installed and derlin friction slider also

Safety Features

  • Meets and exceeds TIA/EIA-222-F & G 
  • 120 MPH wind rated with guy wires attached, 1500 Lb tower payload
  • Climbable man-rated tower when equipped with optional safety climb
  • Heavy-duty upper and lower limit switches
  • Ingress protection, weatherproof (locking) control panel al
  • Illuminated function lamps for telescopic single switch operation also
  • 1 Ea red keyed power disconnect for all function controls.
  • Galvanized steel safety guards in place on all rotatable components per “OSHA Safety Guard Standards” on all rotatables. Lifetime Warranty
  • Protective grate screen over dual cable rotatable drums, as well as end shafts. Lifetime Warranty
  • Back-up powerless key operation allowing tower to be raised or lowered with a cordless drill 
  • Emergency back-up redundant key Lifetime Warranty
  • Built-in locking system with multiple safety features
  • Redundant tower retraction cable system
  • LMS never fail key system include both tilt and erection manual back up systems. Lifetime Warranty 

Retracted Heights for Working on Antennas 

  • 85′ tower / retracted height 26′ also
  • 106′ tower / retracted height 27.5′  also
  • 120′ tower / retracted height 36.5′  also
  • 150′ tower / retracted height 38′  also
  • 250′ tower / retracted height 44′  also
  • All towers with Starr mount add 5′ to heights  also


  • 85′    3900 Lbs  also
  • 106′  4200 Lbs also 
  • 120′ 5400 Lbs  also
  • 150′ 5700 Lbs  also

Certified Tower Manufacturer

The tower has been analyzed utilizing the commercially available software TNX Tower version (previously known as RISA Tower & ERI Tower) constructed with ASTM A500, Grade B/C Carbon steel schedule 40, (exceeding minimum 55.3 KSI ASTM) standards yield strength in constructing the complete tower assembly. 


Not including standard wear items i.e. electrical, brakes, tires, bearings, jacks, rubber and plastics).

Lifetime Warranty as described on website Https://

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel.