A deployed and reliable, with never a blow over in the history of the company. 


Skagit Valley 911 received recycled

Monopole through our recycling program with

 Monopole heading to 911 center

2016 Landa Recycling surplus

Shelters are going to new homes. 



We build slide outs on just about any unit we manufacture.  They are great for cabinet access and servicing equipment when deck space is maximized. Custom builds are 1 to 2 weeks on most.

  • NEW STAR MOUNT ALLOWS UP TO 8′ MULTIPLE DISHES with less little to no movement.  Tower strength substantially exceeds the dish manufacture limited path alignment threshold. 

LMS120-XHD-WITH-SLIDEOUT   TOWs-at-Amarillo Alcetel-Lucent

Landa repair center does a change out for carrier installing a new Landa tower.  

RE-SELLER brings in unit for tower placement for verizon end user. 


LMS 150 HW 

Heading to Middle East.


LMS 106 HW Multiple

Units heading to Dominican Republic last week.


Tower Works

Disassembling a 400′ guyed towers utilizing their new LMS PT18 Gin Pole to remove a tower sold to The largest reseller of surplus towers, monopoles, shelters, and telecom equipment in the Americas.

LMS-PT18-IN-USE  nate

Canadian company

Making headway installing this new tower without the expensive crane, saving the company thousands.


  • Effective 1-2016  Gin Poles not previously inspected or manufactured by LMS will have a 50% cost increase for inspections due to insurance increase in costs.  

Ironworkers Local 55

Grant money received enables the local to order the certified and endorsed LMS 21 TT “training tower” for tower climbing education. The LMS TT  are utilized by schools, unions, and universities for climber safety training.  Safety First..

THE-GROUP   nate

Cumberland University

Purchased 3 of our training towers for teaching climbers the necessary skills need in tower safety, rescue, ComStar Telecommunications Training, through Cumberland University, is a unique program designed specifically to educate, train, and develop technicians so that they are completely familiar and proficient in all aspects of tower climbing, including fall protection, safety and the technological skillsets required of a contemporary tower technician working in a 3G/4G industry. ComStar Training meets ANSI, ASSE, and OSHA standards for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training. In addition, the coursework also meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE).

LANDA-TRAINING-TOWER.1    cumberland-logo-white-bg-lg-efc2762018d36febc6c53c9d4e99a92751a3939d7da2e5d5a5dc004fc423b817    nate

Canadian leasing company

Takes delivery for lease in the north country.  The most reliable units built 100% in America.

three Lms106-HW-delivered-Canada LMS106-HW-CANADIAN-e1446156819826

RAI Services

LMS25 TT in service for climber training for fall and rescue.


 LMS 120 HD

After three years of field service services, we found parts homemade on the unit. Non-OEM parts will invalidate warranty and liability.


New 2016 Models 

Standard Lineup from  l50′ / 47 meters — 30′ / 6 meter.   Landa Mobile Systems has been successfully enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. All of our Landa Mobile Systems branded products will be automatically included in the Brand Registry. Look for our products to reach more of the clients needing the finest portable towers built in the Americas.


Daimler Trucks North America 

Picking up a new LMS106 HW for testing deployment.  Upon returning lease Daimler employee states they are wanting to put LMS units now in their fleet in the near future.


COMSTAR Training School in TN relies on Landa Mobile Systems Training Towers

Cumberland University provides a program designed specifically to educate, train, and develop technicians in all aspects of tower climbing, including fall protection, safety and the technical skill sets required of a contemporary tower technician working in a 3G/4G industry. ComStar Training meets ANSI, ASSE, and OSHA standards for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental.

Comstar-School1 Comstar1 comstar11 LANDA-TRAINING-TOWER.1-1

Tri-State Tower  

Buys their second LMS 150 HD as the rental business continues to grow for them.

coax-on-tower  DSCN1124-150x150   

Landa is selected as a manufacture for CN Railway Company, Illinois Central Railroad  awards contract to Landa Mobile Systems 

After looking for portable tower manufacturers in the USA  and looking at integration features. Thank you and look forward to the program growing throughout the rail systems in the USA and Canada. This system will meet the new emergency railroad requirements when complete.


Landa’s rental fleet

Continues to grow monthly and we are pleased with the results our clients are having with their continued support.  We appreciate the new partnership with Verizon and Daimler Trucks of North America, coupled with our partnered owners fleets we have kept busy without interruption.  T-Mobile after hurricane Sandy still relies on the LMS150 HD in New Jersey and it been through several major winters without a hitch.

thumb-4 AT&T deployment LMS106 HW DEPLOYED

Alcatel-Lucent testing Landa Mobile Systems new patented 2016 LMS 120 HW and LMS 150 HW

The design exceeds the strength of any portable lattice tower produced in the AMERICAS allowing multiple large microwave dish placement at the top with less than 5% deflection for maintaining that critical path alignment.  Through R&D and Engineering, we have developed enhanced design improvements to be incorporated into all our 2016 models.


PCTEL has discontinued  mobile tower production

as of 8/3/2015.


Parsons Corporation a worldwide leader in defense and security selects Landa Mobile Systems

For climber training towers.  Landa builds safety training towers of various sizes for climber training schools worldwide. LMS towers are noted for their stability and solid reliable construction.


Kwajalein Range Services

USA Missile Defense deploys several LMS 106 HW 106′ towers to undisclosed locations. Kwajalein Range Services awarded Landa after testing several other MFG in the USA.

IMG_3149-e14363198381361-1 IMG_3151-e14363196353531-1


Receives 3 new extended remote tower controllers for Nation Wide Carrier utilizing LMS 120 HD units.  


Landa delivers 3 new LMS 25 TT, 25′ Climber Training to University of Tennessee

For new training programs teaching climber safety, we wish them all the best in the new program.


Landa travels to DC and then Uganda with the invitation.  

Meetings with Embassy, Government officials, Legal Council, private investors Uganda, Africa. Landa viewed currently marketed towers in place and traveled in-country testing the market.  Landa’s major push to expand the Landa quality name in portable cell towers around the world.

IMG_2523-e14361097445581 IMG_2251-e14361099033961 IMG_2239-e14361095234431 LANDA-MOBILE-SYSTEMS-VISITING-AFRICA-web 

Landa travels to New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Dubai, and England

Viewing current marketed towers, deployments and meeting with technical and potential investors for upcoming franchise expansion in countries outside the USA.  Landa’s expansion push to expand the Landa quality products. 

IMG_1375-e1436109092113 IMG_2178-e1436110362143

7/4/2015  Landa introduces new LMS 106 ST

Stationary tower for rapid vertical deployment under 15 minutes to 106′  High wind load, and engineered for every application. 


7/4/2015 Landa introduces a new LMS 120 XHD 120′ portable model tower.

Designed to hold more than any tower built in the Americas at winds exceeding 120 mph.  More important is holding the microwave path which we have accomplished. WOW

XHD-PROFILE120XHD-Signage-2-150x150-1 120XHD-Signage-3-150x150-1 IMG_3871-150x150-1

May 2015 Santa Clara, Ca. 

California’s largest public utility conducted a fully operational disaster drill on May 13th, 2015. The scenario was a major earthquake that hit San Jose Ca. bringing down most all infrastructure and causing major wide-scale damage.  One of the goals was to be able to reach back to a location where a stable connection to their corporate network could be found and extended to the temporary base camp.  Due to the large amount of network traffic that would be needed to support this type of event, the wireless links needed to be both reliable and robust, another requirement was to establish a redundant system or parallel network that was space based in the event of a link failure.  

In this event, reliable access to their corporate network could be established at their service center located 3.77 nautical miles from the base campsite. One concern was the path was right through downtown San Jose Ca. where erroneous RF interference could dramatically affect the throughput of the wireless links.  First up was the Cambium system, working with the utilities IT teams we established a link.  The Cambium system is an 5Ghz. unlicenced system costing 13K +. The link was established quickly and without any problems.  The IT team ran multiple network capacity tests, the system delivered a stable 130Mbs of throughput Tx 65Mbs, RX 65Mbs. Latency ran approximately 1 to 2 Ms.

3712835-e1441839414745-1 6964305_orig-e1441839277464-1IMG_1084-e1425495920210-2

LMS 106 HW

Deployed downtown Kansas City for Sprint

1-1 2-1

LMS 150 HD and T-Mobile Up and running for two years plus

Without a hiccup going through many a storm in NJ over the years. This tower is loaded with 6ea 6′ x 1′ Cell panels, microwave dish and minimum 12 runs of 1 5/8″ coax.  over 2000 lbs of loading and rated at 95 mph.

12-RUNS-NJ with-dishes-in-air1 Working-on-top 

ExtendaCell Communications setting up another LMS 106 HW

Tower for deployment in Canada.

Testing goes well at Landa Factory

Thank you very  much. Our engineer in Germany indicated that there was only one false detection out of more than 200 due to motion. He was very pleased with the stability of the platform. I am not sure whether or not they will wish to do a longer-term test under higher wind conditions, but they liked what they saw very much. I regret not being able to be there myself due to illness, but Pete and Chris were very pleased, and we are grateful for everything you did to help. Yours is the product I’ve wanted to be working with from the beginning.

I can’t imagine offering a portable solution to anyone else’s tower. ”


Landa LMS 106 HW wins a major award contract for towers to be deployed nationwide.  After the client integrator tested several other manufactures in the USA they determined Landa towers to be the most stable platform.


LMS 106 HW  configured “Military” with  240volt 50hz power generators and rectifier

For deployments with lightning protection and grounding for overseas deployments.







Tri-State Tower 

LMS 150  HD is still successfully deployed on a rental, while the water tower being serviced and has had several major storms without any issues.


US major cellular carrier places 2000 lbs of head load on LMS 120 HW

Maintain 2ea 6′ microwave links with tower rated 20 miles per hour higher than the dishes can handle and operate.  Success story lends to the development of the new LMS 120 XHW tower to be introduced in July 2015

with-dishes-in-air1-1 Alcetel-Lucent

Guam Telecomm / FEMA tower replacement unit after Hurricane Dolphin reached its peak intensity as a Category 5 super typhoon with top winds estimated to be 160 mph.  

LMS85 HW tower in service came down as shown in place with minimal sustained damage from high wind direct hit and replacement ordered.  AMAZINGLY still in place and operating except a little lower, until replacement arrives next week.

DSC_0077 DSC_0074-e1435421752157

  BAE Systems awards Landa Mobile Systems to provide LMS150 HD towers for deployments.


ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY  Elects Landa to supply California utility


LMS “patented” OEM portable towers on Wheels and on Trucks 

“sizes 20’ – 150’ (with no extensions) rapid Deployment portable tower solutions. All built-in the Americas reliable units proven in long term deployments around the world.

SHIPPING-DIMS-and-under-tower-distance-1  12-RUNS-NJ-1 6

Verizon chooses Landa Rental Tower

To the rescue, when high winds come unexpected and take out your communications Landa Mobile Systems is the product to have on hand.

8x12-shelter-with-lms106 22-SOUTHERN-LIGHT4

 Landa wins contract with Missile Defense Systems 

US DOD Missile Defense Systems Quote:  “LMS Tower is the only one that meets all the critical requirements pursuant to analysis and comparison/evaluation, LMS robust design and larger deployed footprint provides 105 mph wind resistance capability”

Purdue University Selects Landa Mobile Systems to build a Solar tower combo for remote deployment testing.


Landa Mobile Systems OEM builds mounts  

Custom mounts for any application i.e. 2-way antenna, GPS, Camera, Pan Tilt, 8′ Microwave Dish, Radar, Cellular and WIFI.


Email received from renowned engineering firm the Middle East,  THANK YOU.


Other manufacture, not Landa towers: In 2015  32 Towers in Alberta were deployed and guyed to their outriggers “per manufacture instructions”  blew over.   

Guying to outriggers is a fallacy believing it will keep a tower from blowing over. It just blows over straight   Wind Storm Alberta Canada.

Landa builds the only LMS PT units in the USA 

From sizes 30′ to 150′ Guaranteed to meet your needs in any country, all engines conform to your countries fuel needs, grade designed to meet your needs,  4 x 4, Left / right-hand drive. Any size deck for unlimited configurations.

106-power-tower-e1371419531970 6

IBEW Local 1 relies on Landa Training Towers,

Used world wide for tower rescue and climber training.


Landa Manufactures Gin Poles of many sizes. 

Providing annual inspection service and repair, re-certification.

shipping-frame-web ROOSTER-HEAD2-e1419114400818 IN-FRAME

Landa Shelters of all sizes certified for deployment in every State in the USA.  

All sizes available and knockdown or assemble on site. any size you can imagine we can build.

LMS-8-X-8-shelter-door 8x12-shelter-with-lms1061thumb-4 thumb-1

  US Navy

 Relies on Landa for Mission communications worldwide. NDA agreement on deployments and sensitive deployment missions.

Landa builds full line of mobile emergency communications units and power units

  • CART (Mobile Aluminum Outdoor Equipment Enclosure)
  • COLT (Cell on Light Truck 35′ 150′)
  • COP (Cell on Platform 20-150’/ 46M)
  • COW (Cell on Wheels 20′-150′)
  • CROW (Mini-COW/Cell Repeater on Wheels 26-150′)
  • ECAT (Mini-COW/Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer 26-150′)
  • GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
  • MPTU (Multi-Purpose Trailer Unit, any size)
  • PT (Power Tower Unit / Tower on Truck 26′- 150′)
  • TOW (Tower on Wheels 26′-150′)


Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel. 


Facility AWS D1.1 Certified, and 100% US Certified Welders welding to AWS, Certified 100% (AWS) D1.1 independent contractor inspected before leaving our facility. Towers are 100% hot dipped galvanized finished to EN ISO 1461/ASTM A123/CSA G164 and ANSI/EIA-TIA-222 G, per section 107 and CSA S37 standards. Steel is ASTM A500, grade B/C.  All products manufactured are Engineered and warranted. We have become the finest manufacturer of Gin Poles, Portable Towers, Climber Training Towers, Oil and Gas Flare Towers and Portable Shelters in the Americas, thanks to team efforts and most importantly our customers support. “Service-disabled veteran-owned company built in America by Americans.” Minority owner and plant located in the HUB zone.  Support our efforts as we support your freedom.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC supports and is in compliance with affirmative action obligations on behalf of minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Landa Mobile Systems, LLC complies fully with Executive Order 11246 and the applicable regulations of 41 CFR Part 60-1,-2; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-741; as well as the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-300.