Manufactured to ANSI/TIA-322 

  • AWS Certified 
  • U.S. AWS Certified welder assembled 
  • AWS Independent contractor inspected 
  • AWS D1.1:2015 Structural welding code-steel 
  • Load charts are pole specific with matching serial numbers 
  • 5.0   Analysis and design of Gin Poles 
  • 6.0   Gin Pole Construction 
  • AWS Welder certified 
  • U.S. Certified Gin Pole AWS welder assembled 
  • Certified AWS independent U.S. contractor inspected
  • Metalized surface  
  • Rooster head/base end roller end option 
  • Gin Pole storage racks 
  • Single sheave rooster head 

OSHA required Forms supplied with gin poles we manufacture.  

  • Annual Pole Certification signed and numbered
  • Annual Pole Inspection Report signed and numbered
  • VT Visual Welding Inspection Report, done at time of manufacture
  • Mill Report on steel specification ASTM A500, Grade B/C
  • Charpy report on steel temperature test to –40 degrees
  • PE Stamped Pole specific Load Chart

Weights 68′ Pole

  • 125Lb / 57Kg Head section 
  • 425Lb / 193Kg 20′ Sections 
  • 120Lb / 54Kg Tail section straight 
  • 75Lb / 34Kg Rooster head 
  • 1975Lb / 896Kg W/ 1 Tail section shipping weight
  • 2100Lb / 953Kg W/ 2 Tail sections shipping weight

Weights 88′ Pole

  • 125Lb / 57Kg Head section 
  • 425Lb / 193Kg 20′ Sections 
  • 120Lb / 54Kg Tail section straight
  • 75Lb / 34Kg Rooster head 
  • 150Lb / 68Kg Shipping frame 
  • 2700Lb / 1256Kg W/ 1 Tail section shipping weight
  • 2890Lb / 1311Kg W/ 2 Tail sections shipping weight

Gin Pole Classifications

 Class Gross Loading Load Line SizeImpact Factor Req’d steel wire rope
A0 < 1,000 Lbsd<= 5/16″1.45
B1,000 < 3,000 Lbs5/16″ < d <= 7/16″1.35
C3,000 < 10,000 Lbs7/16″ < d <= 9/16″1.25
D10,000 + Lbsd > 9/16″1.20

View sample load charts,
charts are pole specific with serial numbers.

Serial numbers on Pulleys must match the serial number of the Gin Pole. This will be required to complete the annual Gin Pole Inspection. All gin poles using a load line other than steel shall be classified as class A Gin Poles for all load line diameters.

We do not supply any accessory hardware or assembly bolts. Use 1×2.5 A325 Structure bolts, washers and nuts only. Remember to inspect before re-using.

Complete records of pole inspections and record of Magnetic particle inspection shall be performed on 10% of the welded connections every 10 years. Annual inspections reports shall be maintained for a minimum of two years. All gin pole operations must be in compliance with the latest revision of ANSI/TIA-322 and the OSHA CPL 2-1.36 Maintain your required documents along with work plan, engineer sign off for each specific job.

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel.