Landa Mobile Systems LLC begins its shipments of 85′ Lattice mobile towers mounted on skids.

Here is our LMS 85 SMS heading out to Vietnam today the first of many in this order to cover a good portion of coastline.  We are proud to produce such a quality product that clients come to us from around the world. I will be flying out in 5 days to meet and discuss our growth and client support in education and deployment instructions.  These units go to full erection in 22 minutes and the tower has the ability to tilt 2000lbs of headload and survive the coastal winds that will be thrown at them along the coastline.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC keeps growing throughout the USA and in the  overseas market with our expanded lines

We have had over 100 mobile tower deployments in NY, NJ this year and growing daily. Our LMS 85 HWLB is booked for this year’s New Year and will be at Times Square again. Thank you all for the continued support.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC shipping out more of our popular LMS 85 HWLB a favorite for east coast T-MOBILE deployment applications.

We are excited to have such a demand for these units they lend quite well to the applications of today’s technology and exceeding the wind loading capabilities of any manufacturer known.

Landa Mobile Systems, delivering Gin Poles to operators in the field for Re-Pack HD antenna work.

As the projects begin and will be busy for a while with the time constraints the industry is under. If your needing your gin pole inspected, please check out our website and we will try and accommodate with inspection, mag particle and new load charts meeting today’s requirements. OSHA fines are heavy for out of date charts, no inspection docs and work plan. Plan your work and work your plan.  Please work save and take the time to do it safely and think.

U.S. Navy delivery heading out to U.S. Navy ordering two or our popular “CR” container readily transportable towers

Our durable high wind resistant towers are outperforming anything in the industry.

Anoka County special operations command arrives at Land Mobile Systems, LLC for their mobile platform training and picks up. 

Special operations have experience with our unit deployment procedures and selected us for many of our features. This is our LMS 120 XHD tag model setup with Starr Mount, generator, cabinet and extra reel.  We welcome all tower buyers to come and receive free training at the plant and encourage hands-on training.

Repack begins and the poles are coming out to fill the void since most earlier production poles miss the mark with the original product documentation now required to be certified.  I am sure there are going to be folks that try and get buy, but the fines are steep. 

As the repack begins so the demand for legal gin poles begins the saga. This pole is heading out to new owners GTI America Inc out of Buffalo, NY. They are doing work on a 900′ antenna tower in Claremore, Ok and then heading up onto a 1600′ tower in LA. This is our LMS PS24 jump track square gin pole for those large tower projects. We have them larger as well to fill you needs for any lift..

Naval Sea Systems Command has selected Landa Mobile Systems, LLC for their mobile towers in containers. 

Proud to announce we have received another PO for a few of our LMS 106 CR models which fit into 40′ containers and we are shipping them out shortly to White Sands Missile Range.  Thank you for your order and we look for many more. 

Anoka County has selected Landa Mobile Systems, LLC for its mobile platform.

Looking forward to having another LMS 120 XHD deployed and staged for emergency backup for this county.  We provide free training at the plant to buyers of our units to ensure safe operations. Units fresh off the assembly line today and often we are able to promote a sale vs often we are unable to announce.   

Vietnam has selected Landa Mobile Systems, LLC for its mobile platform.

We have introduced a new 85′ skid mounted, auto-leveling mobile tower platform able to be transported fully assembled with an erection time of 23 minutes.  Nothing like this has been ever produced until we took on the challenge with our Vietnamese reseller. After long hours and late nites, the units a hit and we are excited to get our first one into the armies’ hands.

U.S. Navy ordering two of our popular “CR” Container Ready transportable towers, heading to White Sands Missile Range.

Our durable high wind resistant towers are outperforming anything in the industry. When coupled with the high loading ability the demands has been increasing weekly with one of our new product lines, actually both container and the “skid mount units” are becoming a new sensation with the ability to fit in containers are soaring.

T-Mobile providing more coverage for events around the country; The Electric Zoo.

As the mobile demand for coverage expands we are ready with mobile towers of all shapes and sizes.  the NYC EDM festival Electric Zoo returns to Randall’s Island this labor day weekend for its tenth-anniversary edition and T-mobile is there for coverage utilizing Landa Mobile systems LLC mobile tower units.  

Landa has been a proud sponsor of the South Africa border security conference in the past. 

Until the country stops it land grab and discrimination we will not be participating.

Landa rolling out more T-Mobile units for delivery this Labor Day Weekend to cover increased data usage in high demand areas. 

We are proud to be able to roll out units at a moment’s notice to carriers and agencies on a moment’s notice.  A call-in morning and delivery the next day or so depending on the distance. The easiest and most robust towers built in the Americas with a warranty like none other.  

Bent metal rods break and are hazard versus straight backfilled welded. 

There are reasons why we spend more money and time to build our towers versus the competition.  We pride our units as being utilized as climber training towers through-out the world in training schools and university facilities. Reasons we can is the solid rod backfilled welds are able to withstand the riggers of climbers and excessive stress placed on them vs the weekended bent rods used by other manufacturers to cut costs.  We have clients calling us to ask for assistance as the manufacture of the defective tower will not give them the time of day. Sad as the other mfg is also a GSA listed manufacture as we are. 

New LMS “SM” (Skid Mounted) towers on skids. All container shippable mobile units hitting 250′ in height. 

We are beginning shipping into the Asia market our new mobile unit that rebuilds for the military and will lend quite well to many other carrier applications. The below photos are of our “CRS” short container version fitting into a 20′ container.  Yes, that’s correct an 85′ towers that will fit into 20′ standard ICO 1C container Whether permanent or temporary they are designed to be pulled on their skids, forklifted, or utilizing our skid mobile transport wheel designed unit.  Coupled with auto levelers with the push of a button for ease of deployment.  The amazing lift capacity is beyond any in the market.  Backup manual full function ability won’t ever let you down.

Landa new LMS 150 XHD setting new records with new upgrades. 

Another 2018 design with all the bells and whistles providing a 2500 lb tilt head load and 2500 useful load alone on a tower. Man rated when equipped with safety climb and appropriate safety gear.  Ready to deploy in a moment’s notice. See updated web site with all the new updates.  This is our 4th generation 150′ and we just keep improving.

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC introducing new line items this week to market.

We are proud to introduce our new container to shippable mobile units.  Models LMS 106 CRLB. This is a container shippable 106′ model with a 29′ long deck for loading cellular equipment and cabinets,  Our new LMS 112 CR, is a 112′ container ready heavy-duty tower designed for commercial and military, Our LMS 178 CR, is a container ready 178′ unit and designed for commercial and military.  Thank our new LMS 202 CR is a 202′ tower designed for worldwide deployment.  Then our new LMS 250 CR  yes 250′  and fits into a container. All these unit have a 2000lb tilt head load ability and wind loading superior to anything in the market.  Warranty exceeding all manufacturers and for your purchase.

All the new government orders, we will be applying our ISO 16022 UID Data-Matrix tagging system indicating model, make, serial number, and year of mfg. to all mobile towers. 

A new dawn at Landa Mobile Systems, LLC as we start shipping out units around the world to fill the new contract. 

Today marks a new day as we begin shipping our container ready units in sizes mainly 120-155′ filling orders as fast as we can and hope to keep on the expected timeline as long as suppliers can continue to deliver goods required.  Our CR units all ship in 40′ containers.  As you can see they are built to last in any environment. Meeting and exceeding mil-spec testing certifications.  Our units have the best warranty in the world exceeding all others, the reason being they don’t break when operated per instructions.

Tariff Updates: July 16, 2018

As many of you are aware, the United States and China have been in a trade dispute resulting in a 25% tariff on certain products originating from China effective July 6, 2018. While the situation is still ongoing, we are working closely with our manufacturer partners to identify the affected products. To see a current list of the HTS codes affected by the tariff, please reference the list from United States Trade Relations here.

Unfortunately, due to the increases being passed on to Landa Mobile Systems LLC prices on many of our products will be increased to reflect the additional charges related to the tariffs.  We will only increase the price of products in the instances where the increases have been incurred. We will be including the cost of the tariffs in the unit price when applicable.

This is a very fluid situation. To date, we have heard from a limited number of manufacturers and expect to hear from more in the coming weeks.…/enforcem…/301Investigations/List%201.pdf…

We are honored and privileged to have a presence. 

Naval Base Kitsap is a U.S. Navy base located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state. It was created in 2004 by merging the former Naval Station Bremerton with Naval Submarine Base Bangor. … this base is one of only two such Trident submarine bases operated by the U.S. Navy.  If you have cleared all the security which is a major task for the privileged and screened few you will find Landa Mobile Systems LLC towers on the shoreline providing additional classified services for the base in these changing times.  I was amazed to be cleared to the shoreline where WWII ships were loaded with munitions to set up one of our towers while our LMS 150 HW was positioned with a birds-eye view. 
We are honored and privileged to have a presence. 

New Atlantic International Trading JSC in Ho Chi Minh City, VN has been established as the sole distributor for Vietnam sales. 

We are happy to welcome this new distributor to our distribution sales force as we expand the globe with an international presence.  Landa Mobile Systems LLC brings to market the latest and greatest mobile tower configurations as the ever-changing market evolves we must as well to accommodate the needs in the market.

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC introduces a new container shippable mobile tower line.

U.S. Government agency orders multiple LMS 120 CR units for deployment in Hawaii.  

These units are the first in the USA with the abilities below. These units come with their own 40’ container for shipping and storage. The towers have the ability to hold over 2000lbs at any height and man-rated with factory-installed safety climb.

A new product being introduced this week after completing R&D is our LMS 85 SMS which stands for “Skid Mounted Short”. 

We ensure at Landa Mobile Systems, LLC  meets or exceeds process and testing in  Low Temperature in accordance with Mil-Std-810 Procedure II:  Operational cold start and/or Storage, High Temperature in accordance will Mil-Std-810 procedure I with solar loading., Salt Fog or Humidity in accordance with Mil-Std-810 Method 507.4 . Blowing Rain in accordance with Mil-Std-810 method 506.4, Blowing Sand and dust – In accordance with Mil-Std-810 method 510.4 procedure II., Transport shock,  Transport vibration, Military Trans-portability Testing,  Meets DOT specs., Shock and vib test for ruggedness Mil-810., Height & Weight distribution testing, Braking & Handling, Grading/Slope @ 10-30%,  Steering & Handling, Turning diameter,  Static roll-over, Stability & Handling, Towing compatibility. This new 85′ mobile tower fits into a Container and ship able world wide.

41’5″ deployed length with out-riggers extended, 17′ 10″ deployed width with out-riggers extended, 7′ 5″ working deck width with out-riggers not extended, 7′ 33″ deck width working surface, 19′ 17″ deck length with out-riggers not extended, 18′ 17″ deck length working surface, 1′ 1″ deck height above ground,  22′ retracted minimum height, 2000 LBS tilt head load, 2500 LB head load

Up in the mountains, there has been one of our towers posted sending signals down through four winters un-guyed.

Our LMS 60 mobile tower after 4 years in the mountains in Wyoming surviving all the storms and weather, unit is being relocated and pulled with a chinook helicopter, stand by for some awesome photos

LMS 120 XHD Starr mount equipped mobile unit getting ready to ship out shortly. Having the ability to hold multiple large solid microwave dishes and hold a path alignment without Starr mount with a built-in torque arm. giving the units a stable platform coupled with the XHD heavy duty quality build in the units. 

We enjoy providing our units for agencies that depend on our products for critical communications and where life and death are possible results without. 

LMS 85 HWLB Mobile unit owned by T-Mobile being equipped and deployed in New York. 

Its great to see our units being configured to provide reliable communications with the ability to hold thousands of pounds of head load in high wind configurations.

LMS crank up lattice towers are now man-rated when equipped with factory-installed safety climb and the climber is equipped and tied off according to OSHA. 

We also recommend lockout although not required, the give an added safety factor, you can never have enough out there when climbing.

LMS 30′ – 72′ crank up masts skid-mounted new for 2018 and heading out right out of R&D, production assembly line, and shipping. 

These are a great new addition to our fleet and wind rated to 120mph.  These are great for remote fly in and permanent deployments.  Fire zones and boarder security to name a few.  

LMS 85 HWLB mobile unit owned by T-Mobile deployed this month for the New York State Fair. 

It’s great to see our units being reported in showing deployment and the venue attached.  With the large groups, our reliable mobile units pick up the traffic.

LMS 85 HWLB mobile units owned by T-Mobile deployed this week for July 4th fireworks at Jones Beach, NY. Celebrations in N.Y.

Landa has delivered many units to the east coast and we enjoy getting photos and success stories. units deployed Location: Jones Beach State Park, Address: Ocean Parkway, Wantagh, NY 11793 We been rotating the new ones T-Mobile got weekly. They have been around NY and long island. Here are some pictures I got. They have been working perfectly. 

LMS 60 mobile units hitting the school districts in Alaska. 

Landa has started shipping our LMS 60 which are easily configured for cell and data mobile sites.  They have proven themselves in deployments around the world.  Most notably in North Carolina where they have been deployed un-guyed and surviving 105 mph winds sending accurate storm data, and deployed along the border in Oman.

Container ready towers 

Landa has introduced its new container ready shippable towers with heights to 155′ and able to tilt 2000Lb head load and boast a total lift capacity of 2500Lb and is now man-rated when safety climb has been factory installed. Click to watch videos…

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC lightest Gin Pole 

Our LMS GPA20-GinPole is our lightest pole and a one-hand carry. This pole is great for remote location work or many tower head work applications. At Landa, we have your safety in mind and our poles are constructed for many years of service and reliability. Many items built these days are life tested and built to fail in a certain time frame. Normally not made in the USA. Our units are built to last a lifetime under normal operating.

Landa Mobile lattice towers are now man-rated. 

After testing and engineering evaluation we have established guidelines for climbing our towers to 155 feet / 47 meters when the single lockout is in place and safety climb has been factory installed on the mobile lattice tower unit. Of course, you will need your standard climb equipment.  See the manual for instruction. Decals will be installed on the inside of the control panel noting

Landa manufacturing necessary Gin Poles, replacing all the poles missing the mark for new OSHA regulations. 

Our popular LMS GP 30 allows workers the option of a 30′ Gin Pole or a 20′ both with roller tail and rooster head.  Excellent pole for head work and change-outs.

Our LMS PT 12 Gin Pole comes in 20′ sections and 10′ sections up to 78′ and is a great pole for medium-duty work, see web site for chart information to see it this beauty meets your needs.  When it comes to reliability and putting lives at risk relying on a Landa Gin Pole with a zero accident history is the pole for your peace of mind.  

Landa new LMS 150 XHD Pintle Hitch 

Another 2018 design with all the bells and whistles providing a 2000lb tilt head load and 2500 useful load alone on a tower. Man rated when equipped with safety climb and appropriate safety gear.  Ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. 

Nice compliment from a client today, good to hear from happy customers. 

“I’ve been a climber for 31 years and stacked towers for 9 of those years. I’ve worked with dozens of styles and sizes of poles and yours, by far, was the most sturdy and well constructed. When inspecting it after one year of use, it had no defects to be found. I couldn’t even find a crack in the galvanizing, let alone any deformed members. It is one WELL BUILT tool.”

Rod Knutson
Field Manager

Landa new LMS 150 XHD Pintle Hitch 

Introducing our new 2018 design with all the bells and whistles exceeding all expectations an operator would ever have for a 150′ tower, providing a 2000lb tilt head load and 2500 useful load alone on a tower. Man rated when equipped with safety climb and appropriate safety gear. Units are the finest in the industry and we also have our CR models which are container ready for shipping and storage.  Ready to deploy in a moment’s notice. 

Landa new PS18 Gin Pole loaded and on its way. 

Landa new PS18 Gin Pole heading out to make someone some money working towers. Congratulations on this quality pole that will give you many years of good service. We look forward to some great photos and stories. 

The Gin Pole business is something the towers business cannot live without, and Landa provided the piles to get all the jobs done in the Americas. We build the pole with superior quality where lives depend on Landa for towers up to 2000′ in height, we can accommodate. From the Empire State Building repack elevator transportable pole over 140′ in length to a hand-carry for the remote applications. Where cranes cannot reach, helicopter cost-prohibitive, the Landa Gin Pole is the answer. 

After completing research and development we have completed and introduced into the market our new LMS CR “container ready” models from sizes 26′ to 155′. 

New LMS Container ready towers 

New models are built with sizes from 26′ to 155′ with superior wind loading and the ability to hold several large microwave dishes with no issues. These units are all preset at the factory to tilt 2000lbs head load and lift the same with 2500lbs tower loading ability. There are no other towers in the Americas that come close to our quality structures. With the amazing warranty, high loading ability, high wind load guyed and un-guyed. Call 360-474-8991 with your questions 24/7 we are there for you.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC, a proud member of NATE FOR many years

LMS PS18 Gin Pole

Here we are delivering another LMS PS18 Gin Pole for the upcoming projects our client has contracted in PA. The PS18 is one of many gin poles we build for heavier picks and we go up substantially from there. We pride our companies ability to build the only Gin Poles in the Americas, and zero accident history from the beginning. Please work safely

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC mobile lattice tower line-up are now man-rated for climbing. 

Landa Mobile Systems LLC mobile lattice towers are now man-rated when factory safety climb has been installed and lockout installed. You will also need standard safety climb equipment as outlined in OSHA. Takes delivery of new LMS 105 XHD for company rental fleet and it’s booked. 

Contact Kirms Communications, LLC Harry Kirms if your needing a rental unit based out of Jupiter Florida and we wilsh them great success with our rental program. 


Our units that are deployed classified we don’t receive photos or locations. 

NASA takes delivery of more units and we appreciate the confidence of our products. 

For years now Landa has been delivering mobile tower units to Nasa and we take pride in the placement and repeat orders.  Its good to hear after years of deployments they still look like new. 

Landa introduces our new “CR” (container ready) designed mobile units from heights of 26′ to 155′ and we are shipping out daily. 

Landa Mobile Systems units are now placed in remote areas around the world and are deployable in short order when communications need to be established and where satellite may not be the best solution. Landa CR Container Ready mobile units up to 155′ are transportable in 40′ containers and 20′ containers for our 85′ and shorter wheel and skid versions. We are GSA listed for all government agencies to purchase at a reduced price as well as T-Mobile. 

Landa updates it’s export terms and conditions for export shipments. 

Unless otherwise specified in writing, all materials shipped abroad will be shipped LMS Tulsa, Oklahoma, or such other place of origin.  The export of materials to foreign countries may be subject to restrictions and approvals of the U.S. Government. Landa Mobile Systems LLC is Export Licensed under BIS Security License G168338, with ECCN’s. The import of materials into foreign countries may also be subject to restrictions and approvals by those countries.  Customer will, in its own name, apply for any required U.S. export license and hereby assumes full responsibility for the exportation or importation of the materials and for compliance with all United States and foreign laws applicable to the exportation or importation of the materials.  The Destination Control Statement (DCS) must be entered on the invoice and on the bill of lading, air waybill, or other export control document that accompanies the shipment from its point of origin in the United States to the ultimate consignee or end-user abroad. The person responsible for preparation of those documents is responsible for entry of the DCS. The DCS is required for all exports from the United States of items on the Commerce Control List that are not classified as EAR99, unless the export may be made under License Exception BAG or GFT (see part 740 of the EAR). At a minimum, the DCS must state: “These commodities, technology, or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations.Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.” Compliance with the requirements described in § 123.9(b) of the ITAR constitutes compliance with the requirements of this paragraph for shipments containing both items subject to the EAR and defense articles subject to the ITAR.

Great to hear this AM after two years from BAE regarding our tower performances of out LMS 150 HW and our mobile tower units in Bahrain. We wish them all the best. 

All is well with these. We are actually out here on-site doing the 1st overall maintenance on them now. The towers look good, no corrosion or anything noted, re-tensioned the guy wires on the 150′ model-no issues. We did have to change both tower’s generator batteries as they’ve died, probably a combination of heat and I don’t think they were running them all that often. We went with Odyssey Extreme PC1200MJT; those are about the highest temp rated batteries I could find. This environment is rough on gear.
Last trip out here, we changed out the ACs on both trailers. DDB has gone away from Ice Qube and doesn’t use them anymore due to quality and not performing to the BTU rating issues, and we changed out with Pentair units.

Landa introduces our new “CR” (container ready) designed mobile units from heights of 26′ to 155′ have completed testing and ready for market. 

We are proud of all the innovation, engineering and the experienced skills it has taken to develop this new container shippable product line. With a transport height of 7′ height, The towers have all been strengthened with improvements over the standard models which are factory set to 950 max tilt. Landa mobile units and are the leading units in the market place in longevity, unsurpassed reliability and warranty exceeding all others. The mobile units we have completed testing on are the LMS 65 CR, LMS 85 CR, and the LMS 106 CR all these units will have the tilt and head load capacity of 2000 lbs and preset at the factory to you desired head load if requested.  Our units have more parts that come with a lifetime warranty in the world. With a transport height of 7’1″ height the units are shippable in 40′ containers and able to be stored in them as well.  We will ship you your in a container you can retain or utilize the shippers.  LMS 106 CR weights and dimensions:  10,700 lbs shipping weight, 6800 lbs empty trailer, 32′.10″ long, 7′ 1″ tall, 7′ 6″ wide, 28′, retracted height, 2500 lb head load max, 3300 lbs trailer useful load,  21′ 10″ deck, 45′ X 20′ deployed footprint. 

Nice to receive kudos from Hammel Electric that deployed COWS for T-Mobile in the east coast market. 

Received this today as they referred our mobile units they have experience with to another company.  Quote “They have the top of the line towers out there. I feel they will outlast any other tower MFG.”

LMS 150 SM Skid Mount portable tower. 

Introducing our new container ready skid mounted mobile tower lineup, from 20′ to 155′ and more tilt lift ability than any mobile towers produced in the Americas. More information to come on lift and tilt by size as we complete our builds.  The skids are linex coated for anti-slip and automatic level system incorporated into the deck. Outriggers that can be pulled out with one hand and locking stabilizer jacks.

Landa is just finishing up R&D on our new “CR” container ready product line.

Stay tuned for our new product line hitting the market in April. The new LMS CR models, are container ready for rolling in a 40′ container for those over the ocean voyages. All models will be available in the CR model. 

LMS GP20 HC Gin Pole new product introduced 03/2018. 

3 section slip joint for Hand Carry transport, GP20 HC POLE IS 20′ LONG  Pole is excellent for taking up in an elevator or carrying into remote areas.  POLE WEIGHT IS 200 Lb / 91 Kg 

80lbs end section with slip
80lbs mid section with slip
65lbs end section w/o slip

Bolts required are 4ea 1/2×4.5 A325  galvanized structural bolts with nuts.

Communications platforms that handle clients total needs anywhere in the world. 

As Oil development expands and comes back into play in the United States we are seeing the demand for remote communications including full-service Wifi, Cellular and company communications platforms.  At Landa, we handle the complete integration package build. 

Landa introduces its new hand carries Gin Pole, the LMS GP20 HC. 

This pole is in short sections and hand transportable. Slide together and bolt assemble. Metalized finish for years of quality finish and safe handling for operators.

This communication build-out network to provide company communications that have been very limited. 

We are looking forward to communication with them and lending support as they grow. Oil company in Texas awaiting delivery of several LMS 50 units.

Landa designed Starr mounts offer major flexibility coupled with torque arm structural support providing greatly reduced microwave path alignment stability issues. 

We offer the ability of mounts to be coupled with mounting brackets or the standard three-arm standoff mount. We can configure any the of mounding brackets you may require. On-call 24 /7 for your emergency needs. No other company offers this type of support. Call 360-474-8991

Mobile units with large microwave dishes are commonplace with Landa Mobile lattice tower solutions up to 155′.  

 All of the Landa Lattice Mobile towers have the options to put on the Starr Mount and three-arm mount, either-or, and both simultaneous. Towers have the ability to hold multiple large dishes and not have issues with weight and or maintaining path alignment. Excellent for quick path establishment or testing platform. They make excellent permanent setups as well with durability like no other. 

Mobile units heading to Haiti to fill in the gaps. 

We look forward to their deployment and providing assistance in future growth in this country.  

Leasing a mobile tower rental program for Landa clients. 

We at Landa Mobile Systems have a few select companies that we entrust to do our clients a good job in setting up and providing Landa rental units to meet clients’ demands.  From a temporary cell site or holding the antennas from a water tower being painted and serviced.  When we have heard of issues with any leasing partner and or service not up to our standards they are pulled from our website referral program.  The other criteria are they only lease Landa Mobile Towers.  Pricing is the same across the board and if your organization feels they can meet our requirements give us a call.

All Gin Poles will now be shipped in export wood crates. 

To ensure shippers do not damage. There are many that cant operate a fork lift moving your equipment.  

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC LMS 106 HW built for harsh environment. 

Our towers are built high wind conditions and through out the South Pacific and the Caribbean Islands. We staged for delivery to Haiti today.   

Our popular crank-up towers are becoming a popular item for areas with extreme weather conditions. 

Enables operators to lower their communications equipment at the push of a button and the same to bring it back into operation at full height.  

Landa Mobile towers under camo. 

Situated somewhere in middle east our units are deployed with the flick of a switch.  Landa Mobile towers offer flexibility in rapid deployment and quick erection with headload in place.  A plus for quick communications when timing is critical. 

NASA placing more orders 

Nasa has ordered more tower, orders to us this month and we appreciate the repeat business. They have our units deployed in critical areas of operation where reliability is paramount 


Freeport Harbour Company in the Bahamas. 

In the Bahamas they have had mobile towers up for 12 years with no failure, We have been selected to replace the two-port towers.

Landa Mobile Systems, LLC towers providing a safe and secure communications system for the islands and still standing tall after hurricane Mathews. 

The islands are constantly being struck with severe weather conditions. Aliv a recent new carrier to the islands has been providing Cellular and WiFi to the island for more than four years. With their market share growing every day,  they have placed 20 of our mobile towers up to provide the islands service. We delivered twenty units three years ago and they look as though they were recently received.   

Landa lattice erection remote control tower management cord. 

25′ long, This option may be purchased at time of build or when in for inspection service. 

Coax ring band 

This unit is a standard coax ring on all our 2018 lattice tower models.   

Safety outrigger chains. 

A required item on all new units built, and will be provided free at inspection service performed at Landa.  

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel. 

Certified SDVOSB | Minority owned company 

Facility AWS D1.1 Certified, and 100% US Certified Welders welding to AWS, Certified 100% (AWS) D1.1 independent contractor inspected before leaving our facility. Towers are 100% hot dipped galvanized finished to EN ISO 1461/ASTM A123/CSA G164 and ANSI/EIA-TIA-222 G, per section 107 and CSA S37 standards. Steel is ASTM A500, grade B/C.  All products manufactured are Engineered and warranted. We have become the finest manufacturer of Gin Poles, Portable Towers, Climber Training Towers, Oil and Gas Flare Towers, and Portable Shelters in the Americas, thanks to team efforts and most important our customer support. “Service-disabled veteran-owned company built in America by Americans.” Minority owner and plant located in HUB zone.  Support our efforts as we support your freedom.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC supports and is in compliance with affirmative action obligations on behalf of minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Landa Mobile Systems, LLC complies fully with Executive Order 11246 and the applicable regulations of 41 CFR Part 60-1,-2; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-741; as well as the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-300.