These gin poles are Landa Mobile Systems answer for easier and more economical 5 G antenna change out service.


Landa issues first in Gin Pole history creating Gin Pole Directive (GPD)

Landa Mobile Systems LLC (LMS) has come out with a new safety governing policy and directive Known as Gin Pole Directive (GPD). These directives will be identical to the AD,s published for aircraft air worthiness. What this means is that for safety in the gin pole industry they will be mandatory for safety of the gin pole operation and required compliance to receive renewed certification and new load charts.
Directive 09292019-01 states that any LMS gin pole will be required every 3 years to have its sheave bolt replaced as it’s a time life part. These sheave bolts are an OEM part and stamped for recording in gin pole document history.

Landa Mobile Systems introducing a new PT 18-2 Gin pole

This pole PT stands for “Pole / triangular / 18″ face / 2” diameter legs .  This pole will allow a bit more lift when it’s critical for the little extra option.  Want to beef up your inventory early this year as the new year 2020 is going to have us backlogged in producing poles for the new change out.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC protects the ownership of Gin Pole ownership and all transfers.

We store copies of all records from day one of manufacture in the cloud and document replacements available for the life of the pole. Sold a pole let us know, we track owners and serial numbers for many reasons including theft. Thieves can never get the pole recertified and new load charts without a bill of sale.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC is stamping all sheaves in accordance with OSHA serial numbering poles.

We are proud to be delivering the best Gin Poles produced in the world and appreciate all of our clients continued support as Repacks begin and we engineer new designs and modification in the the arena. Starting immediately we are following updated OSHA guidelines and all Sheaves will have matching serial numbers and when we inspect your poles serial numbers will be placed on all the OEM Sheaves on every gin pole as a requirement.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC delivering gin pole to client for Repack HD antenna work.

As the projects begin and will be busy for while with the time constraints the industry is under. If your needing your gin pole inspected, please check out our web site and we will try and accommodate with inspection, mag particle and new load charts meeting todays requirements. OSHA fines are heavy for out of date charts, no inspection docs and work plan. Plan your work and work you plan.  Please work save and take time to do it safe and think. 

Repack begins and the poles are coming out to fill the void, since most earlier production poles miss the mark with the original production documentation now required to be certified.  I am sure there are going to be folks that try and get buy, but the fines are steep. 

As the repack begins so the demand for legal gin poles begins the saga. This pole is heading out to new owners GTI America Inc out of Buffalo, NY. They are doing work on a 900′ antenna tower in Claremore, Ok and then heading up onto a 1600′ tower in LA. This is our LMS PS24 jump track square gin pole for those large tower projects. We have them larger as well to fill you needs for any lift.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC gin pole at work. We continue to deliver the quality and safety built in gin pole. 

Landa Mobile Systems LLC gin pole at work. We continue to deliver the quality and safety built in gin pole.
One of the most popular poles is our LMS PT18 Ginpole shown here in use. Proudly we can say we have never had an accident involving one or our gin poles in use around the world.
You cannot find a better pole than the Landa Gin Poles. Manufactures for tower installations, tower modifications and repack.
We also build poles for water tower deconstruction as well.  Landa is looking in the future to start producing sky scraper crane units used to build buildings you see in use in the skylines of every city around the world..

Tariff Updates: July 16, 2018, Dear Valued Customers

As many of you are aware, the United States and China have been in a trade dispute resulting in a 25% tariff on certain products originating from China effective July 6, 2018. While the situation is still ongoing, we are working closely with our manufacturer partners to identify the affected products. To see a current list of the HTS codes affected by the tariff, please reference the list from United States Trade Relations here. Unfortunately, due to the increases being passed on to Landa Mobile Systems LLC prices on many of our products will be increased to reflect the additional charges related to the tariffs.  We will only increase the price of products in the instances where the increases have been incurred. We will be including the cost of the tariffs in the unit price when applicable. This is a very fluid situation. To date, we have heard from a limited number of manufacturers and expect to hear from more in the coming weeks.…/enforcem…/301Investigations/List%201.pdf…

Customers wanting the GP30 Gin Pole with its roller end and rooster head coupled with the ability to transport it in shorter lengths. The solution is here the new GP 30 HC Gin Pole.

3 section slip joint for Hand Carry transport, GP30 3 PIECE is excellent for taking up in an elevator or carrying into remote areas.

Tower works Inc utilizing our LMS PT 18 Gin Pole they purchased a few years ago.

We received photos from Eddie the owner showing their erection of a Union Pacific railroad Waterloo Illinois. “Tower works incorporated putting up identical tower and microwave to replace old tower 260′ using a Landa made gin Pole top notch poll” Please send us your photos and the success stories as towers come to life, receive a modifications. repaired or dismantled.  

Landa Mobile Systems LLC Gin Poles ae designed to last a lifetime if taken care of. 

LMS PT-12 50′ GIN POLE built in February of 2014, in for inspection. Pole looks like new. In excellent condition. Absolutely no rust and very little cosmetic blemishes from use. Metalized finish has kept this GIN POLE looking like new and proves to be a winner. Yet another attestation of the quality product that Landa Mobile Systems, LLC produces. 

LMS GP20 HCRE Gin Pole

3 section slip joint for Hand Carry transport with rooster head and roller end is popular pole and soon to be used around world for its ease of use and safety reliability. We pride ourselves in innovation developing what the customers are requesting in the field through engineering and testing we produce the safest gin poles in the Americas. Landa Mobile Systems, LLC is your provider for Gin Poles construction, inspection and repair. Mag particle testing is required every 10 years and we are the facility of choice, located in Tulsa, OK. call 360-913-0194 24/7, office 360-474-8991, plant 918-707-5783 

Nice complement from client today, nice to hear from happy customers. 

“I’ve been a climber for 31 years and stacked towers for 9 of those years. I’ve worked with dozens of styles and sizes of poles and yours, by far, was the most sturdy and well constructed. When inspecting it after one year of use, it had no defects to be found. I couldn’t even find a crack in the galvanizing, let alone any deformed members. It is one WELL BUILT tool.”

Rod Knutson
Field Manager


Our LMS GPA20-GinPole is our lightest pole and a one hand carry. This pole is great for remote location work or many tower head work applications. At Landa we have your safety in mind and our poles are constructed for many years of service and reliability. Many items built these days are life tested and built to fail in a certain time frame. Normally not made in USA. Our units are built to last a lifetime under normal operating.

As springs pickup up momentum our Gin Poles are heading out the door. 

Gin Poles are becoming a part of many companies inventory.  Tools that will be providing years of safe installs.  We appreciate the business as Landa Gin Poles become a common name for quality in the tower industry. 

LANDA MOBILE SYSTEMS, LLC has been a member of nate for many years in the past. 

Here we are delivering another LMS PS18 Gin Pole for upcoming project our client has contracted in PA. The PS18 is one of many gin poles we build for heavier picks and we go up substantially from there. We pride our companies ability to build the only Gin Poles in the Americas, and zero accident history from the beginning. Please work safe.


LANDA putting out gin poles replacing all the poles missing the mark for the new regulations  

Our popular LMS GP 30 allows workers the option of a 30′ Gin Pole or a 20′ both with roller tail and rooster head.  Excellent pole for head work and change outs. 

Our LMS PT 12 Gin Pole comes in 20′ sections and 10′ sections up to 78′ and is a great pole for medium duty work, see web site for chart information to see it this beauty meets your needs.  When it comes to reliability and putting lives at risk relying on a Landa Gin Pole with a zero accident history is the pole for your peace of mind.  


Gin Poles while having an extra steel plate welded to them for jump track use does not increase the weight lift capability of the pole since the plates are welded on the back of the pole. The compression on the front (or outside legs) of pole has no additional support and is the most critical of the unit in design.

LMS GP20 HC Gin Pole

3 section slip joint for Hand Carry transport, GP20 HC POLE IS 20′ LONG  Pole is excellent for taking up in an elevator or carrying into remote areas. 

POLE WEIGHT IS 200 Lb / 91 Kg 


80lbs end section with slip
80lbs mid section with slip
65lbs end section w/o slip
Bolts required are 4ea 1/2×4.5 A325  galvanized structural bolts with nuts.
We have been receiving requests for parts on gin poles that do not meet industry standards and we will not offer support for other poles not having the required documentation.  


Make sure if you rent a pole its just had and inspection and a mag particle check to protect your company and crew from hidden defects from prior rentals.  Renting a pole is like borrowing someones tooth brush, you dont know what your getting.  We have heard of companies sticking their necks out there providing rentals of these critical items.  Use extreme caution and ensure you have all documentations needed to have on site.  Ask us and we can advise what you need.  We do not rent the aforementioned.

GIN POLE FAX is a new offered service for customers

We are offering allowing caller to give serial number of pole and obtain a history and copies of all inspections and build certificates.  Copies of the current Load Charts and we will not provide information to unregistered owners.  We track gin pole ownership and in case of theft your protected we will not provide docs. 

Gin Pole operators need to use extreme caution when planning and using a gin pole 

ERI gin pole fatalities and fines

All Gin poles sold will now be shipped in export wood crates.

Gin pole facts

As of this date 32% of all gin poles sold in the past five years have current load charts and in inspection. 68% have expired load charts, 64% are out of inspection. 

Gin pole inspections manufactured by other than Landa 

We cannot assume the liability and provide inspection service on Gin Poles manufactured by others.  Inspections and engineering evaluation can be performed according to TIA-322 in accordance with ANSI/ASSE A10.48.  

RANDAL TOWER TECH  using the LMS PT18-88′ Gin pole 

When it comes to reliability our poles provide a secure alternative method vs the expensive crane.  Yes it takes the skill of a trained professional company with experienced crews that knows their business, and how to get the job done safely.


The GP30/20 Gin Pole   New charts allow the pole to be used in 30′ length or 20′ allowing the flexibility of two poles in one great unit.  Easy to transport and the metalized finish affords the user a much safer finish similar to 80 grit.  When holding on is critical the finish is there for your safety and longevity in the field affording the operator years of maintenance free operations. Load charts on all gin poles are good for 1 year only and renewable annually with confirmation of re-certification.  Pole  manufacturing documentation is stored in the cloud for retrieval years down the road and tied to the serial number for life. 


As the crew makes short order of putting the top of this tower antenna array together the PT12 with the metalized surface and ease of handling make the day much more profitable for the operator vs. crane.


Our new Gin Pole the LMS PS 20 Re-Pack Gin Pole comes in 123′ and 143′ length, being a square pole with 20″ face, track pole with the ability to safely pick 13,250 lbs.  Pole comes in 7′ -10′ and 20′ long sections and fit in an elevator to take up to the top of a building.

The big brother theLMS PS 20 HD Re-Packcomes in 123′ and 143′ length, being a square pole with 20″ face, track pole with the ability to safely pick 16,020 lbs.  Pole comes in 7′ -10′ and 20′ long sections and fit in an elevator to take up to the top of a building.

Canadian company and repeat gin pole owner praises Landa

Chris Martin buyer withwww.codeelectricalinc.comquoted “It was a pleasure meeting you over the telephone today.  Further to our conversation, I was introduced to Landa through a couple of current trusted vendors. I looked them up online & did a little digging.  When I contacted Mike Landa I found him and his production team to be extremely professional.  He was able to give me a reasonable timeline for the products we needed and then actually reduced the timeline by two weeks and was able to turn my product around in a week.   We will be using Landa in the future and are happy to recommend them as a reputable vendor. “
Canadian Hydro Electric to bring back the gin poles 

Daniel Gagnon P.Eng., Ph.D. with Hydro Quebec  is bringing back the Gin Pole into power line transmission tower work.   Daniel States “We have a need  to reintroduce the use of the gin pole technique in our power-line construction division. We used it 25 years ago but had switched to crane operation.  Do you know of power-line construction companies in the US and Canada that use the gin pole to build power-lines ?  Also, any organisation in the US or Canada that train linemen specifically for this technique ?”  We welcome them to the Landa Gin Pole family and introducing them to LMS Safety for training and a few of our operators in the industry.  We look forward to working with Canada introducing our gin poles into their power program saving them thousands of dollars in deployment costs while maintaining our safety standards maintaining the history of our products without an accident ever. 

Ndw pole for the Re-Pack

LMS PS20 RE-PACK is the model number and 123 and 143′ long pole, 70′ of track and use able in many lengths. Pole has a 20″ face and will pick one huge (12,230lbs / 5547 Kg) load safely.  Go take a look at the specs for pick and will be manufacturing one with 7′ section lengths to fit in an elevator for the high building servicing.   The pole will also come in 10′ and 20′ sections for ease of operation and flexibility. 

Gin pole load charts effective this date will have an expiration date matching the pole certification inspection date. 

Poles manufactured prior to ANSI/TIA-322 need new Re-cerfification, inspection and load charts. 

We offer new Engineer stamped Load Charts noting the applicable pole serial number, after inspection and the cost for new charts is 250.00 for July only, new load charts will then be 450.00.  


  1. Annual Pole Certification signed and numbered
  2. Annual Pole Inspection Report signed and numbered
  3. VT Visual Welding Inspection Report, done at time of manufacture
  4. Mill Report on steel specification ASTM A500, Grade B/C
  5. Charpy report on steel temperature test to –40 degrees
  6. PE Stamped Pole specific Load Chart
  7. Structural steel 100% recycled USA in compliance with AISC or ANSI/TIA-222-G
  8. Each gin pole assembly and associated rooster head is permanently marked matching its load chart.

LMS PT-15 Gin Pole

Pole heading out to new customer, we appreciate the business and going to start posting more pole delivery shots.  Work safe.  We are posting our Gin Poles in use and user back link advertising to your web site for no charge. Send photos, logo and web link to [email protected]


As the USA Gin Pole premier manufacture our poles are guaranteed in meeting the new industry standards.  Sample Load charts are posted on each model gin pole web page spec. sheet. Please note all load charts are all pole specific with applicable build serial number and now have an expiration date the same as the pole. 

Safety LMS Tower erection hoist operations coarseThis is a one day course which includes one full day of classroom instruction and a final exam. The Gin Pole course is a clarification of the TIA-PN-4860 Gin Pole standard for “Design and Use” and as referenced by the OSHA Directive CPL-1.36. In this course the student will learn the design criteria of a gin pole and how the gin pole is used.

GPA20 Gin pole is ready for market

Landa now produces a new 20′- 88lb aluminum lightweight designed version of our popular steel gin pole for operations where hand carry is the most economical way for deploy and erect safely towers in the Jungles of Central and South America, as well as difficult access areas.  They will be useful for many other types of operations and look forward to another safe year maintaining our history of accident free going on 5 years.  Thanks to all the effort of Nate and Safety LMS in training and keeping workers educated and safe. 


Tower being serviced utilizing our new LMS GP20 HD Gin pole.  

The new metalized heavy duty pole built to meet the rigorous demands of today’s loading and engineering safety.






220px-Skull_and_crossbones_svg Load carts are not interchangeable to same model numbers as older models. There are differences and New Load Charts supplied are pole specific and have an expiration date.

Certified Green Gin Poles are manufactured 100% from USA recycled steel. 

Certified SDVOSB | Minority owned company 

Facility AWS D1.1 Certified, and 100% US Certified Welders welding to AWS, Certified 100% (AWS) D1.1 independent contractor inspected before leaving our facility. Towers are 100% hot dipped galvanized finished to EN ISO 1461/ASTM A123/CSA G164 and ANSI/EIA-TIA-222 G, per section 107 and CSA S37 standards. Steel is ASTM A500, grade B/C.  All products manufactured are Engineered and warranted. We have become the finest manufacturer of Gin Poles, Portable Towers, Climber Training Towers, Oil and Gas Flare Towers and Portable Shelters  in the Americas, thanks to team efforts and most important our customer support. “Service disabled veteran owned company built in America by Americans.” Minority owner and plant located in HUB zone.  Support our efforts as we support your freedom.

Landa Mobile Systems LLC supports and is in compliance affirmative action obligations on behalf of minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Landa Mobile Systems, LLC complies fully with Executive Order 11246 and the applicable regulations of 41 CFR Part 60-1,-2; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-741; as well as the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act and the applicable regulations contained in 41 C.F.R. 60-300.