Landa Mobile Systems is your OEM service center for Landa Mobile Systems mobile units, and we service all other portable tower manufacturers when they won’t. Our years of experience in design and service equip us to facilitate all your mobile tower repairs, maintenance, or unique design servicing needs or modifications to bring units up to current safety standards. Landa Mobile Towers with heights of 200′ deployed around the world by cell carriers, border security, NASA Launch Pads, and Missile Defense. Units are utilized as stable platforms defending military installations from drone incursions, wind testing, or providing communications for all ships entering the USA through Nassau Harbour—reliable mobile towers on trailers, skids, truck-mounted, container shippable or hinged bases. Landa Mobile Tower Skids can hold multiple large dishes with no issues with weight and or maintaining path alignment. They also make excellent permanent setups with durability like no other built in the world—quick deployment in those rapid military deployments when critical. Landa Mobile Systems gin poles are manufactured with superior quality steel when it’s paramount for safety and reliability to get the job done. Whether installing a 2000′ tower, performing tower antenna head work, or doing a re-pack, Landa gin poles can be transported in 7′ sections up to a rooftop or building for assembly and perform a much more cost-effective changeout vs. a helicopter pickup. You can also find Landa Mobile Systems towers HERE. You can also find other LMS news HERE Gin Pole Inspections, certifications, repairs, modifications, refinish, and restore.   We are here to provide you expedited service, getting your unit back into service in short order: annual inspection service, Mag Particle, and your full-service facility.


Nokia  LMS 120 HD unit upon completion of upgrade, inspection, and service.    

Purdue University Deployed LMS 106 HW 3-year-old inspection and service

Nokia  LMS 120 HD unit upon completion of upgrade, inspection, and service.       

Photo of LMS85 HW after being hit with 160 mph Hurricane wind in Guam.