In 2022 news is our latest developments of Landa Mobile Systems mobile 2022 news and photos of units deployed throughout the world. Our mobile tower units are completely mobile and transportable in containers or on trailers. Landa Mobile Towers with heights of 250′ deployed around the world by cell carriers, border security, NASA Launch Pads as well as Missle Defense. Units are utilized as stable platforms defending military installations from drone incursions, wind testing, or providing communications for all ships entering the USA through Nassau Harbour. Reliable mobile towers on trailers, skids, truck-mounted, container-shippable, or hinged bases. Landa Mobile Tower Skids have the ability to hold multiple large dishes with no issues with weight and or maintaining path alignment. They make excellent permanent setups as well with durability like no other built in the world. Quick deployment in those rapid military deployments when it’s critical. Landa Mobile Systems, gin poles are manufactured with superior quality steel when it’s paramount for safety and reliability to get the job done.

Whether it’s installing a 2000′ tower, performing tower antenna head work, or doing a re-pack. Landa gin poles can be transported in 7′ sections up to a rooftop or building for assembly and perform a much more cost-effective changeout vs. a helicopter pickup.  

These amazing towers are shipping to many overseas areas as they prove them selfs very user-friendly, have tremendous loading ability, and have longevity exceeding any mobile tower built in the world.

Another load of towers heading out for deployment this week as we continue to fill the need for communication links around the world. We are thankful for the business during these trying times battling the Covid.

Simon W. Leland, P.E. “Here is what I would recommend for the cut lengths of cable for the LMS 150 HW, XHW This is based on the top guy at the top of the tower and then every other section (150’,105’,57’), with a 115ft guy radius (76%)., 190’ + sag + little extra, 155’ + sag + little extra, 130’ + sag + little extra.

We are loading containers this week heading to Chile and next Peru. Looking forward to ramping up production as we begin a new chapter. The crew is healthy and a hard-working bunch as we continue to develop new innovations and take on new challenges. We have towers in all sizes able to handle the thousands of pounds of G5 loading ability. While surviving substantial winds and ice loading in all markets.

LMS 150 CRM is an amazing high-loading container shippable 150′ with amazing capability both in cellular loading and weapons platforms.

We always have one of our LMS 200 XHW, 200′ mobile towers at the plant for your viewing before you purchase. This tower is amazing and was designed and engineered to the hilt with testing in R&D that took us about 2 years and hundreds of man-hours. 

Starting this 2022 we will be reducing our production HD, and HW models and going to XHW and XHD for our new models. These new models will have the same charismatics as our military version and a Canadian one built to handle 80,000lb of ice loading on a 106 XHW. 

Landa now supplies a work platform as an accessory for all lattice towers since our units are certified for climbing and servicing with lockouts and safety climb installed.  New 5G headloads with weights of 4500lbs are not an issue for the new heavier head loads. Landa towers are the only mobile units available with this capability coupled with the heaviest wind and ice loads afforded.

We love receiving Kudos from NASA and some great feedback on successful deployment stories. This LMS 150 CRM is a 150′ container shippable mobile tower that can hold thousands of lbs. Here displayed is one of the multiple units going up to serve in key roles for NASA and represent a great success story for our crews in manufacturing at the plant.

Nicholas D Kuper Deputy Engineering Manager/Meteorologist NASA said “In 2022, NASA will be launching three sounding rockets in Australia for the first time since 1995. In support of these three science missions, the LMS CR150 Tower is being utilized to help provide critical near-surface wind measurements from 50’ to 150’. The CR150 provides a mobile tower solution, where a permanent tower structure is not possible/feasible, which makes it ideal for these types of remote deployments. The tower will house anemometers, mounting arms, cables, etc. at multiple levels These instruments provide real-time wind measurements at various levels back to wind-weighting systems, which play a critical role in verifying the environmental conditions are safe for launching the rockets.”

Landa new LMS 200 XHD exceeds our expectations and will be an excellent life-saver for radio station antenna towers taken down by inclement weather. The tower can be erected in 1 hour and 20 minutes and then secure the guys and the connections you may have. 

Landa delivers 5 more LMS 150 XHD military versions to NASA as we continue to become the mobile tower source with years of successful deployments.

Today this email hit our desks and great to hear NASA is ordering more towers, they love our LMS 150 XHW, Quote “Everything is going well! We have yet to deploy our 150-foot tower in the field but have run it thru its paces numerous times and it continues to work as advertised. It has created a lot of interest and hopefully, we can do more business in the near future!.”

If your towers are ready for their annual inspection now is the time to get them in for scheduled maintenance and ensure your units are ready for their next deployment. 

Due to progressive engineering, Divinci Engineering recommends that the standard guy kits you see with the tower should use ¼” GAC for the bottom level of guy anchors and should attach to the top of the bottom section.  I’d also recommend a 10% initial tension in this level of guy anchors. The Upper 2 levels of guy cables should remain 3/16” GAC with an IT of 7%. We are going to change our guy kit effective Feb 15, 2021, with this size in guying.

Due to increased steel prices, we are raising prices across the board slightly and also adding new features in all 2021 models. Standard will be included motor cover sets on all lattice model tower units, Outrigger stabilizer kits, Safety climb, and a set of fixed lockouts.

Our LMS 106 CR units getting ready for shipment and deployment around the world. These units are CR’s meaning container shipping and storage as they fit into a 40′ container.

LMS 150 XHD is our very popular 150′ mobile tower that’s deployable within an hour. Its become a popular product for schools now wanting to handle their student’s education through the internet. Call us for your communications needs from any size of school we can support you. Stay safe and utilize our platform for your needs. This unit is heading to VA children’s school

Our LMS 85 HWLB mobile towers are so popular in the South American market we have developed a specific model for Nokia, the “LMS 85 CRN” The LMS stands for the company name, the 85 stands for the tower height in feet, and the CRN is a container shippable Nokia model. These are configured for Nokia SA and we have many being deployed in this energy-saving remote location setup. Great design and we look for many more in the upcoming months heading south.

106 XHW shipping to Quebec, Canada, and will be one of many deployed in Canada. This model took us 6 months of R&D to develop and analyze to meet stringent loading requirements asserted by the Government of Canada.

This structure has been analyzed in accordance with the requirements of 2015
International Building Code Section 1609.1.1 & 3108.4, and the recommendations of the
Telecommunications Industry Association “Structural Standard for Steel Antenna
Supporting Structures” ANSI/TIA-222-G-2. This site has been analyzed for the following
site-specific criteria:
Basic Wind Speed: 76 mph Vasd (3 sec. gust.)
Wind + Radial Ice Load Case: 54 mph Vasd +1.18” Radial Ice
Operational Wind Speed: 60 mph Vasd (3 sec. gust)
Risk Category: II
Structure Class: II (Importance Factor =1.0)
Exposure Category: Exposure C
Topographic Category: Category 1
Equivalent Basic Wind Pressure at 33-ft: 603 Pa
Equivalent Ice Wind Pressure at 33-ft: 304 Pa

Presenting Landa’s new for 2021, the new LMS 200′ XHD a world-first mobile tower designed to withstand the elements and able to achieve 25 stories in height for those radio stations suffering from a tower destroyed in a storm. This tower is available for lease or sale and kept available for emergency deployments around the world.

As our 200′ towers are completed and in the final stages of testing. This major endeavor and groundbreaking feat will be the first in the world as it will be mounted next week on its amazing trailer designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.